Armonk Frank Entertainment media has shaped America’s culture and values in more ways than anyone could have imagined. Every source of entertainment media has become more advanced because of Its origination. Those types of media Include; Music, Internet, Radio, Television, Movies, and Video gaming. With these different but similar forms of media, every aspect of the day is covers tunes, social networking, reality shows, and films, America’s culture and values

Today’s technology has paved the way for Tomorrows satisfaction. In the past, society struggled with migration, racism, Loss of royalties, negative responses to certain music, lawsuits, profits, acceptance, communication, and a decline In sales. Because of the Civil Rights Movement (1 sell the end to racial segregation initiated to gain balance of rights to Black Americans. In this case the race and gender of an artist Is not the most Import factor of his or her performance. At this time, Illegal down loaders were harming the sales of music.

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Change brought about fee based downloading websites like Apple’s tunes, where there is a small charge for music to compensate artists for their work. The radio would deliver music and non-music programming events across the nation to different audiences. With the advanced technology of the Television, drama, and theatricals are not placed on radio stations making space for the top musical hits and playbills. This adjustment also improved a greater audience, higher fidelity, and less confining format.

Television and film was to so popular at its start in 1891, the Lumpier brothers introduced motion pictures to films in 1895 making television more enjoyable for Its viewers. In 1927, the Jazz singer began the era of talking film. Social Influence of Entertainment Media The social influence of entertainment media is positive. Every person has a different preference when concerning media. Black Americans have a passion for rhythm and blues, hip hop, gospel, and smooth jazz elements.

Migrant listeners prefer vaudeville and swing music; the younger generation has an eye for rock N roll ND pop music. In the same light whether white or black, most artists have listeners of all ethnicities. A positive influence has also given light to radio; it can reach anyone, mass media. Radio also can be heard on the Internet without charge. The advancement of television today is seen in Technically. Since the establishment of cable, the viewing world can has access to a large selection of networks such as news, weather, shopping, and comedy stations.

With the announcement of the MAMA rating yester (1968), the viewer becomes aware of the volume of the content that will be aired before played. Video gaming is essential to today’s society as it serves as a helpful device for teaching with its imitated levels and life skills. There Is no video games also initiate its content with a rating to let game players know which type of effects will be acknowledged. Entertainment media has proven to be beneficial in many aspects. It serves as a rapid and progressive source of accessing many things.