This chapter presents the summary of finding the generalization of the conclusion and the recommendation for the further Improvement of the study. L. Summary of Findings 1 . Music affects the growth of Mug beans. As established In the experiment and based on the data gathered, music has a great effect on the growth of Mug beans. The varying degree of effect Is dependent on the type or tempo of music to be played. 2. In general, music helps in the growth of plants.

It hastens the growth of plants. As we conducted and observed our experiment, we noticed that classical music helps the Mug beans’ growth. Plants exposed to rock music grew slower than those exposed to classical music; however, they grew faster than those exposed to no music. 3. The growth of the green variety of Mug beans is faster than those of the yellow variety in any of the environment they were subjected to. II. Conclusions 1 . Music affects the growth of Mug beans as we observed the set-ups.

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The efferent aspects that we have observed where music was involved were the plant’s height and the number of leaves produced. 2. Music helps the Mug beans’ growth and does not hinder their development. 3. Music, more specifically the classic music, has effects on the growth of Mug beans especially on the growth of the green variety. Ill. Recommendations 1. As we have proven through the data gathered that music hastens the growth of plants, we recommend promoting the use of music In planting and other agricultural actively.

This can be done through discussions In the different for a to bring to the awareness of the authorities and the agricultural sector the benefits of music In planting. 2. We recommend that In the utilization of music for plant growing, you should use classical music In order for you to grow your plants faster. 3. We recommend that further study be conducted to validate the findings of this paper. Effects of Music on the Growth of Mug Beans By terror and the recommendation for the further improvement of the study. 1 . Music affects the growth of Mug beans.