Write brief comments for each section of this form. Do not use extra pages. You may finish comments on a second page If you need to. To receive full credit, you must provide comments for each section. L. Concert you attended (date, club/venue, name of artist): May 19, Jazz Alley, Thomas Marriott Quintet II. Stylistic description of artist or group(s). If more than one, list each with a short description. The Quintet band members are Thomas Marriott as trumpet, Dawn Clement for Piano, Phil Sparks for bass, Mark Taylor for alto saxophone, and Matt Jorgensen for drums.

The band is currently working on ‘Human Spirit’ project, which Is blending diverse styles and genres by using classic Instruments of the trumpet, saxophones and rhythm section. As a result, the band managed to deliver positive energy to the crowd. Ill. Choose three tunes from the concert and provide brief commentary for each by comparing and contrasting the sound and style of each. The tune ‘Hiding In Public’ was a slow, classic blues style of music. With its slow rhythm, they managed to add a long piano improvising, which added an extra layer to the music. Also, the tension that created from the delay was a nice touch to a tune.

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However, beside the piano improvisation, the rest of the tune sounded planned ahead. On the other hand, the tune Side Walk’ was a creative and playful swing. Having a trumpet – saxophone duo was incredible. There was a huge improvised session where each musician had their improvised section. Even though there were some sections that seemed to be planned, but the whole tune showed band’s ability to Improvise and rearrange the tune IV. Choose two soloists from the concert and write a brief review of their performances as if you were preparing it for a newspaper, magazine, or Internet blob. The amazing Thomas Marriott quintet did it again.

On May 19, they had a concert at Jazz Alley, Seattle. The band’s drummer, Matt Jorgensen, showed Incredible improvising during ‘Side Walk’. With the smooth transition from Mark’s improvised saxophone, Matt unleashed the sheer speed of his drum, adding a playful fire to the tune. Piano played an amazing role during the whole performance through the night as well. Being the only female member of the band, Dawn Clement showed an unorthodox example of Improvised Plano performance. Her Improvising section accompanied with classic drum and bass was a top notch. That section alone deserved a separate name for it. V.

Briefly summarize your overall opinions or feelings about the concert as a whole. Overall, I think this was a proper jazz concert experience. The size of the venue was of pure creativity, including amazing improvising section. It was also a fantastic opportunity to experience all major instruments for Jazz as the quintet performed with somewhat classical instruments. I loved the band’s arrangements of tunes throughout the concert as they blended various types of Jazz into it. At the end of the concert, I felt somewhat refreshed, even felt healed. Just like Thomas said during the concert, their performance lifted my spirit.