The group had 4 people in the group and they all came from different grounds. The Drummer was a young African American male that was very talented. The trumpet player was a heavy set Caucasian male that looked like he was 35 or so. The cello player was a 28 year old young male with long hair In a ponytail. I assumed the leader of the group was the plants because he spoke on the microphone and announced everyone’s name that was playing an instrument. There was also an older African American gentleman that was at the bar that played the saxophone.

He only played two songs because it was his birthday so he was enjoying himself at the bar. They played about 5 different songs but I could only catch four of them. The first song they played was called “You Don’t Know What Love is”. They TLD mention who made the song. The song had a rough texture. All the Instruments were playing very loud and wildly throughout the song. There wasn’t much form to this song. The saxophone was playing its own tune while the piano, cello, and drums had some type of repetition. There wasn’t a melody.

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I felt like they were playing off each other’s energy. There was some rhythm to this song but majority of the time it sounded like t was all freestyle. I think Its Just because Jazz is played like that. The dynamics to this song was very soft and low key aside from the saxophone. The tempo was slow at first then It really picked up 30 seconds Into the song. Overall It was a great song and all the instruments complimented each other very well. The next song on the set list was by Hank Mobile. The song was called “Funk Indeed Free”. The texture to this song was very soft.

Not all the instruments were competing with each other like the last song. The song had some form to it aside room the trumpet. The trumpet was very wild and had many different ranges. The melody was the same throughout the song aside from the trumpet as well. There was a steady flow throughout the whole song. The dynamic of the song was very calm and quiet aside from the trumpet. I didn’t appreciate that because it was so distracting. The tempo was at a mild pace. Not all the instruments were played during this song. It was only 2 instruments played at a time during the whole time.

The next song on the plastic was called “Everything Happens To Me”. The texture to this was very soft as well. The Instruments were playing off each other but It was no melody to this song. The rhythm was not existent as well. It was more of a free flowing song. This song had a very quiet dynamic. It sounded very romantic like something out of a movie. The tempo of the song was very slow and mild but the trumpet was going very fast. The cello and the drums had a portion of the song where they fed off each other’s energy and the trumpet was doing its own thing.

The last song on the set list was called “Talk About It”. The texture was very thick because all the instruments were playing over each other with a lot of passion. There was no form to this song as well. Everyone had their own structure. I couldn’t hear a melody. I don’t think any instrument repeated the same thing throughout the whole song. The rhythm was great in this song. It had great flow because everyone played off each other. The dynamics of this song were very loud. The tempo was very fast as well. It sounded like all the instruments were competing to see who could play the fastest.

My favorite part of the performance was when they played “Funk Indeed Free”. This was the type of Jazz I enjoyed listening to because it was very easy to listen to. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the trumpet because it was very loud and obnoxious throughout the whole performance. I did enjoy how friendly the group was. In between the songs, they would talk to the audience and ask questions. I think I would defiantly attend another concert like this because the overall atmosphere was great. It was a peaceful environment and the music was great.