Each one of these two award-winning artists Is recognized as a genius In their own right by the entertainment Industry. They are one In the same In that they each continuously entertain an Impressive amount of fans and send similar messages through their lyrics, but they are at the same time very different because their backgrounds, styles, and audiences are widely varied. Viewers everywhere were delighted by the outcome when these two phenomenal entertainers collaborated for a once in a lifetime performance.

Their combined record sale total is over 200 million albums; they have both performed at hundreds of thousands of concerts worldwide; and they each have oared abroad hundreds of times. Bono Is recognized as a great In multiple countries. Originally from Ireland, his music has traveled throughout the world, and has always managed to become a hit. Mary, too, is great in her own right. She has won an impressive amount of awards for a black female artist and has had hits on multiple genre charts. They both have extremely diverse audiences and are able to reach a vast fan base with their lyrics.

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Each of these artists strives to reach into the Inside of their listeners souls and pull at their heart strings. In the essay “2 Live Crew Decoded” Henry Louis Gates Jar. States that ” “hip-hop”, Is engaged In sexual caravansaries… And rock songs have always been about seer (580). Each of these artists is from these two genres of music, but this statement is the complete opposite of their music. Their music is not like the average hit song; their lyrical choices mean something, they have a purpose. Boon’s message to his audience is about world peace and helping one another.

He believes that It Is our duty as human beings to look out for each another and help out whenever the opportunity arises Itself. He attempts to propose this message through his music and pass it on to the millions of fans that he encompasses. Mary J. Bilge’s songs are also about standing up for each other and everyone loving one another. But, another facet to her lyrics is women’s self help and reliance. She preaches in her music to females about being independent and standing up for themselves. The reason that each of them possesses so many fans Is because their music Is not held back by demographics.

The lyrics of their music have the power to reach a very diverse audience because heir messages are about issues that everyone can relate to. They both recognize that they were blessed with a gift and that they have the means to reach millions of listeners. They both made the conscious choice to send positive messages through their songs and connect on a deeper level with their fans. Bono was born and raised in Ireland. He grew up in a very religious family and went to Catholic schools as a to persistently focus on his music as an escape. He began in Dublin as a boy in a rock band at the age of 14.

Boon’s career launched while he was part of a band called 132. He is now a legend in the world of entertainment. “Bono is a figure adored and admired both within and outside of the music industry’ (Fry). Mary J. Bilge has quite a different background story. She grew up in the housing projects in New York and dropped out of school at an early age. She was raised poorly and was forced to begin work when she was very young in order to have money and survive. Mary recorded herself singing karaoke and the tape caught the attention of a major producer and he took her under his wing.

Years later she is still recording tapes, but now she is a alienator thanks to her tremendous talent. Whether Bono chose to create music with a band or out on his own, he always remained faithful to recording rock and roll. Author Erik Davis proclaims that “Rock music is an outlet for some people; the songs say what the listeners can’t say for themselves” (940). Boon’s collaborations usually consist of other musical greats from the rock world such as Elton John and Phil Collins. He is not a very hardcore artist. His style is more of a softer rock and sometimes it could be argued as almost pop music. Mary J.

Bilge has a very urban style. Most of her music is listed under the rhythm and blues genre. She occasionally teams up with rappers and other rhythm and blues songstresses to create music. Her music could also be categorized under the pop genre from time to time. With such different musical styles it can only be understood that these two musicians are enjoyed by totally different types of people. Although Bono is recognized as a legend in the United States, the majority of his fan base comes from his home place of Ireland. His songs entertain mostly Caucasian libertarian types and are enjoyed by fans of the rock world.

His listeners consist of mostly mid to upper class females. Mary J. Bilge’s fan base is almost solely from America. Most of the people that enjoy her music come from lower class societies and are of the African American culture. Her music, too, entertains mostly a female audience. The similarities between them in their famousness and their positive messages, and the differences in their history, type of music, and fan base is well known. What is not established is how these two musical phenomenon pulled Off masterpiece of a performance.