There are a lot of differences between the two most popular styles of music. These musical styles have different history, used instruments, size of audience and height of popularity. Classical music and popular music are both part of the culture of most Americans and Europeans. They share some aspects of musical language, but there are some prominent differences. (devastatingly. Com #1) As long as conditions permitted people of all tastes found something they enjoyed at any public performance of music.

In the past, no one thought in terms of “popular” or “classical” music. After all, the symphonies of greatest composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Bach and others were entertaining enough for the people who wanted to comprehend music at first hearing and satisfy people who wanted to discover something new with repeated hearings. (leapfrogged. Hubcap’s. Com #1) Operas, ballets, recitals, concerts were open to anyone who could afford the price of a ticket. We can see differences In the used Instruments and length of a song also.

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The most common lassie music instruments are piano, organ, strings, woodwinds, percussion or brass and songs are at least 30 minutes long. The most widely used instruments in pop music are electric piano, drums, and guitar, but also organ. Pop song uses to be short. In average It lasts 3-5 minutes, The both genres are very popular, have a big audience and a lot of fans. Classical music is everywhere around us. We can see it in the movies, television commercials, and listen in the radios. It is very popular between people which study for their exams and also good for relax.

Nowadays, it’s popular to let little babies listen to classical music. It can make them to be calm and satisfied. Pop music has a mass audience appeal. The songs are often played In the radios, and seen in the pop charts. Also much pop music encourages dancing. Music is a form of art, which can transfer the emotions and sentiment. Every style of music has something special to listen to and Is more popular at different times. Classical music used to break records. It was selling out the concert halls and fascinating people. It was simply popular music at that time.