Cheaper by the Dozen Character Analysis Billy Essay In the novel Cheaper by the Dozen, Billy who is one of the Gilbert’s 12 children, along with being a brother to 11 children he is also very impressionable and like anyone, he can be grumpy. Billy can be many different things, one thing that all people are is grumpy, here are a couple examples. When all of the were meeting Mrs.. Gilbert’s family, they all had to be on their absolute best behavior. After about a week of visiting Mrs.. Gilbert’s family, all of the children decided to get comfortable, on the day of the armor tea party in honor of Mrs..

Gilberts. Billy’s godmother was telling him how handsome he looked and that he was going to make a good impression on all of the guests “not on these pants’, Bill said’ look sissy and I’m not going to where them'”(66). This reaction reveals that Billy is starting to get peevish because he has to make everyone happy and he and all of the other children are getting tired of it. When all of the kids Aunt Anne takes care of them for a few days, Billy Is troublesome, when she was leaving she rumpled Billy’s hair.

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Ouch’, Billy whispered to her, grinning in relief. ‘let still hurts. Have a This comment shows that Billy can be crabby sometimes, a couple of days before this Billy’s Aunt Anne grabbed him by the hair. It was Just the beginning of the Jazz age when Ann.’s friend Lobby came over for dinner, Lobby is what you would call a flapper. When she met Mr.. Gilberts she tells him that he Is handsome and gallant. ‘”Oh boy,’ groaned This passage suggests that Billy can be pettish, Billy says this because of all of the other girls at the once said almost the same thing.

Billy Is very Impressionable, meaning what ever you do, he will follow. Elf you are someone who Billy likes, there Is a ninety-nine percent chance that he will do the same thing that you do at least once. For example, when all of the twelve children are starting to get on Mr.. Gilbert’s nerves, the hood of the car starts to smoke! He opened the hood to the car with all of his tools and looked Inside. “Nobody noticed Bill, he had crawled Into the front seat. And then-‘Kodak Kodak, did you see the birdie Dad? ‘”