A. Scope Statement Project objective To organize a casual, charity dinner-dance concert for 30 couples within four weeks at cost not to exceed $5,500. Deliverables Dinner for 60 people. Venue. Jazz music performance. Charity Information announcement. Milestone 1. Hall reserved and Jazz combo hired -February 2 2. The guest list checked-February 7 3. Invitation sent-February 14 4. Track list confirmed-February 20 5. Caterer hired-February 25 6. Tables, chairs arranged-February 28 Technical requirements .

There must be dance floor that can accommodate 60 people to dance. 2. There must be sufficient number of tables and chairs that can hold 60 people. 3. There must be proper sound equipment for the music. Limits and exclusions 1. The concert will be organized to the specification provided by the local charity. 2. Alcohol drinks are not included among the ticket price but soft drinks are included. 3. Venue decoration and arrangement work limited through February 27 to March 1. Customer review The local charity b.

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The priorities would likely be the time and scope. The time is constrained since the concert would be held on specific date, and the scope of it must meet the specifications provided by the local charity. The quality should be accepted since the project should be on time and not to exceed the budget. Therefore, slightly lower quality is acceptable though not desirable. The one should be enhanced Is cost. Because the remaining budget will be included In charitable donations, the organizer loud take advantage of every opportunity to reduce the cost.