The “Red scare” caused Americans to turn towards domestic isolation. There was an “anti- union” campaign. A lot of immigrants began to enter the U. S. And made low wages. Anti- Europeans thoughts posed a threat to U. S. Politics. Cheap labor, unskilled workers, and “no true” Americans led to thoughts of a threat. 2. 3. 4. The cultural changes that affected the diverse American “melting pot” would be the increase of crime, prohibition, and new music and style of entertainment. The flappers came into play along with the new music and style of entertainment.

AY Capons represents the crime that happened since he was part of a gang during the sass. The immigration Act of 1924 and Emergency quota act of 1921 and the Voltages Act all affected the political and cultural changes of the sass. 5. In the sass’s women started to act and dress more daring, instead of their dresses covering everything, their ankles were exposed which was a major thing in those times. Young adults were more open about talking and doing sexual things than older adults.

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Older adults were raised to never speak about sexual things and to never do sexual things before marriage due to religions, most people back then were very conservative. As the years went on women also started to take a greater role in society than before, they would do more than usual. Some men completely agreed with thing, other men were opposed to this whole-heartedly. 6. The Automobile and other new technologies created a mass-consumption economy because they made life more luxurious then they have ever experienced before.

They finally didn’t have to talk everywhere, they didn’t need to ride their bikes and leave an hour earlier anymore because the car saved time and effort. The Model T. Created by Henry Ford was the first mass produced automobile. Because the car was invented, people got lazier and didn’t want to do their normal duties. It was easier for people to travel and to buy bigger things because they could Just stick it in the car. Since the sass were very prosperous, most people had the money to buy a car, they were willing to spend he money and thus, they would buy more things elsewhere, creating a mass- consumption economy. . Through the popularity of the “Jazz Age”, Jazz music became very popular in the sass’s. The Jazz Age was made possible through the Harlem Renaissance in New York. The Harlem renaissance created at least 500,000 new Jobs for Jobless African-Americans looking for work. Many of these people were able to find such Jobs in fields such as music, art, and literature. A popular Jazz musician of the Harlem renaissance was Louis Armstrong. Doll Hitter’s “Mien Kampala” was published in 1925.