No one really knows the exact date of his birth, but research by ragtime historian Deed Berlin revealed that he was born sometime between June 1867 and January 1868. His information Is based on a U. S Census. Scott Joplin parents were Florence Givens and Jules Joplin. They notice Scott Joplin music ability at an early age. HIS mother cleaned houses so that Scott Joplin would have a place to practice his music. His father worked hard to purchase a used piano for Joplin to practice his music at home.

Scott Joplin received free piano lessons from a German music teacher, Julius Weiss. She helped him to become well rounded and knowledgeable in classic music. This helped him in creating the classical music form of ragtime. He went on to study at George R. Smith College in Saddles Missouri. By the late sass’s Scott Joplin became known as the “King of Ragtime” because of his new form of classical ragtime. In 1895 he sold two of his songs, “Please Say You Will” and Picture of Her Face. ” Joplin is best known for his accomplishments of the songs “The Entertainer” and “Maple Leaf Rag. Joplin spent a to of his time playing his music at the Maple Leaf and Blackball clubs. His music was popular until the arrival of Jazz music In the early sass’s. At the time when Ragtime music was becoming prevalent, Scott Joplin became Ill. He suffered from dementia, which Is known today as Alchemies. While he was Ill there were times when he was able to continue writing he music. Scott Joplin died on April, 191 7 in the Manhattan State Hospital in New York City, New York. His death did not receive headlines due to the United States entrance into World War l. He was buried in SST. Michael’ Cemetery located in the Queens section of New York.

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