Billie Holiday was a inspirational Jazz singer who died due to heart failure in 1959. Frank O’Hara is the Author of “The Day Lady Died” which was a tribute to Billie Holiday regarding her death. The New York Times Newspaper article about the death of Billie Holiday and the poem The Day Lady Died can be related in multiple ways. For instance they both share the same Audiences, for example critics, the world, lovers of Billie Holiday, they share the same purpose as to why it was published, and they also hare similar Tone structure.

The purpose for publishing The New York Times is to inform you about what is going on in in the world. At the moment the post was about the death of Billie Holiday at the age of forty-four. And the purpose for writing and publishing the poem was to inform you but also to describe what the Author Frank O’Hara was feeling at the moment when he last heard Billie Holiday sing. Frank O’Hara was known to be the poet of all painters.

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The poem is a elegy which Is a poem imposed especially as a lament of a deceased person. The poem as a whole was made for the poetic society. The New York Times are known to be America’s paper of record. Whenever people in other countries want to known what is going on in America they refer back to the New York Times paper. The article that was made In the Times was to play respect to Billie Holiday when she passed away. Which goes to show she was an important figure in American Jazz culture.