Folk Music songs and music of a community, uninfluenced by any sophisticated musical rules or any standard Music styles. Bangladesh has a rich folk music, which includes both religious and secular songs. Folk music may be described as that type of ancient music, which springs from the heart of a community, based on their natural style of expression, uninfluenced by the rules of classical music and modern popular songs. Any mode or form created by the combination of tune, voice and dance may be described as music. Thus, the combination of folk song, folk dance, and folk tune may be called folk music.

History The history of folk music composition can be traced back to 8th century between (1800-1850) A. D; which was the time for growth of Chary Get. Generations of rural poets; composers created enormous tradition of Bangle folk music. Of which “Ball Song” Is the most remarkable. The folk song of Bangladesh Is a mixture of Visuals and Suffix. It also may be classified as being an emotional, secular, sectarian and religious song. Characteristic of Bangladesh folk song . It is composed by rural folk on basis of ancient rules transmitted orally. II. These ancient rules of music have not been influence by classical or modern music.

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Ill. This song may be sung In groups or Individually. IV. No regular practice is required for folk music. V. It is composed and performed by illiterate or semi-illiterate people. VI. It is a spontaneous expression in easy language, local dialect, and simple tune. W. Both words and tune are appealing. WI. Despite Its universal appeal It uses local dialect. IX. It depends upon nature and the rural environment. X. It is an explicit manifestation of the Joys and sorrows of daily life. XSL. It uses simple and natural rhythms. XII. It contains a strong emotive expression of human love and separation. Variety

In Bangladesh folk music has great variety, with songs being composed on the culture, festivals, views of life, natural beauty, rivers and reverie life. These songs are also about social inequality and poverty, about the material world and the supernatural. Mystical songs have been composed using the metaphors of rivers and boats. We can classify this mainly two ways. The classification of Bangladesh folk song Bangladesh folk music therefore varies from region to region. Some songs are regional in character, but others are common to both Bangladesh and WEST BENGAL Also Folk songs may be sung individually or In chorus.

Captured Area Different folk songs belong to different regions of Bangladesh and West Bengal and are listed below: I. Battling: These types of songs are generally sung by boatman. It is seen nearly all regions of Bangladesh, basically the riverside area. It. Byway: Actually this kind of sung by the Coachman . Specially Rajahs, Dinosaur, Ranging, and Pain. Ill. Ball and spiritual songs: It sung In Birch and Augusta. Lb. Jargon: lairing sung as like as Chary by groups. It sung in Dacha, Enmeshing, Sylphs, and 1 OFF particular theme. V’. Gambia: In Rajahs, Malta there is a special kind of song allied Gambia.

It is sung by a grand father and a grand-son about a specific topic. Vii. Marshier: It’s a religious song. Viii. Roof-beating songs: This song sung at the northern regions of Bangladesh. ‘x. Wedding sings: Basically in rural areas wedding songs are sung in weddings. X. Nil Pupas: To celebrate the Pupas in Bangladesh this type of songs are sung. Tunes The folk music of Bangladesh is different from other music not only because of its distinctive mode but also because of the richness of its seventh note. Apart from its tunes, Bangle folk music is also distinct in its rhythm.

Folk music has a basic style of composition and can be classified into four groups. First, tunes consisting of: ‘As Ra Secondly: ‘As Ga Ma Pa’. Thirdly: ‘as Ra Ga And fourthly: ‘As Ra Ga Ma Pa’ Folk music strictly follows this pattern, which is followed only in classical music. All folk songs in the world usually involve the pentatonic scale, which is found in Bangle folk songs as well as in Santa and Agar-Hagen songs. Instrument Bangladesh has a good number of musical instrument originally of her own. Originally country musical instruments include Extra ,Dotard, Dholes, Bash’, Mandarin,

Kanji, Sardinia, Dugong, Hair, Kumar, Ezra, Johnny. Now a days western instrument such as Guitar, Drums, Saxophone and Synthesizer etc are being used along side country instrument. Contribution of singers In Bangladesh folk song became so stronger and popular since many years ago. It became possible by the contribution of some singers of our country. Such as– l. Allan Shah II. Saris Salsa Ill. Has Raja ‘V. Basined V. Radar Oromo VI. Durbin Isaiah VI’. Chain Dave Barman Occasion In Bangladesh folk song used as a ceremonial, occasional, and festival also as a weeding song.

Like as- Paella Babushka,Anabas, Push Barn, Chaotic Sanskrit, Hal-chat, Paella Flung, Rural Marriage ceremonies, Babushka fair etc. Present Condition At present the condition of folk song in our country is very poor. Now a day our rich traditional folk song inevitable influenced by western music and culture. Band and pop music is getting popular in country. Now the modern Bangle song and also the folk song sung in western melody. TV has become the major source of entertainment. Bad kind of remixes and music videos are shown at the TV. Because of that we forget and neglect our rich traditional folk song.

Present Warriors Though today’s generation has lack of interest in folk music, after then many singers of our country trying to encourage our young generation to listen our folk song. They Organizing a lot of concert for increasing popularity of folk song to our young generation and the people of all ages. Doing this they have to do a lot of hard work so we called them the present warriors. Such as- Mustang Zamia Basis 0 Signaling Useful 0 Abdul Kudus Boats 0 Abdul Raman Boats 0 Matzo 0 Afraid Parvenu 0 Bangle Band and many other unknown balls. Some contribution to keep the existence

Government and Non- Government organization like – Bangle Academy, Unusual institution, Bangladesh Sailplane Academy, Fine Arts institution, Chant, etc. Play significant role to flourish Bangle folk song. Much popular person, singers, artists and other organization providing encouragement and popularizing Bangladesh folk song. Conclusion If we want to get back our golden era we have to do some special work. Such as We have to do a lot of concert of folk music. Creating consciousness to our young generation that our own song is the best. Government has to increase its attempts for folk music.

The number of the sponsor should be increased. Create a permanent academy for folk music. Increase interest of music companies. Ensure the financial stability of the folk singers. Honored them with Judgment. Give them chances to perform not only in the country but also out side the country. Identify new folk singer and patronize them. More program in TV channels. Protecting the real lyrics and tunes. Remove listening remixes. Some specific kind of folk song that is not available newshound be protected. If we can do these activities we are over sure that, we Cambrian our golden musical era again.