What is the type of artifact that you photographed? This is a museum that shows the African American history through several activities. 2. Where in your town is this art located? SST. Petersburg, Florida 3. What part of the African-American culture (dress, customs, personal experience) does this artifact preserve? This preserves a personal experience from Dry. Carter G. Wooden. 4. Why is this artifact significant in the preservation of the African-

American culture? It shows where Dry. Carter G. Wooden lived and where he had worked on the books he has published. 5. Describe the artifact in your photo. Give colors or color schemes, type of materials that the art’s creator uses, and other relevant aspects of the art’s design. The color of this house is normal and represents the colors used back then, in the beginning of the 20th century. It shows sophistication and class by the looks on the outside of the house.

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