The cumulative sales for each are 52 million, -?40 million, -44 million, -35 million and 33 million, respectively. Given the recent trend that commercial music download sites purportedly sell mostly single tracks rather than whole albums, an increase in popularity that seems to have rubbed off on physical formats, the list is split between digital singles and physical (CD and vinyl) singles. Portable audio players, which make it extremely easy to load and play songs from many different artists, are claimed to be a major factor behind this trend.

World’s bestselling album Michael Jackson’s Thriller Is the best-selling album of all time, and It Is estimated to have sold from between 65 to 110 million copies Jackson also has ore albums on the list than any other artists with five being listed. She has more albums listed than any other female and is second to Michael Jackson with four albums listed. Different Types of Music Music is a form of art. Edgar Varies defined it as “organized sound”. Music expresses our feelings as well emotions in a melodious and pleasant way.

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Different types of music help in soothing one’s disturbed soul, in the growth of concentration and also enliven us to live life to the fullest. There are varied genres of music as people have different tastes. For e. G. , classical music, rock, Jazz, metal, rap, folk etc. But the objective remains the same. The aim of all music is to touch the core of the heart and thus music can be called an expression of our heart’s saying. To understand and know about different genres of music, let us have a look at the following genres.

Different Music Genres Classical Music: Classical music is a complex form of music as it requires skills like learning the ragas and ability to coordinate with other musicians. One has to maintain the complex relationship between its emotional flows. If you wish to learn it, then you have to go through proper training. Rock Music: This music genre originated in the rock and roll era of sass. The vocals are accompanied by guitar, drum and bass. Certain rock groups also use piano, synthesizer, saxophone, flute, mandolin and sitar for a deeper effect.

This type of music has several sub genres, such as hard rock, progressive rock and metal rock. Metal Music: Metal music emerged after the Second World War. Here the melody of the song is heavily influenced by the structure of the songs. While in rock music, songwriting is based within a form; in metal music, the central melody decides the structure of the song. It is also known as ‘information music’. Hip-hop Music: Hip-hop music always includes the use of instruments such as guitar, violin, fiddle, piano, bass and drums.

In this type of music, the bass is the main instrument. This can be used in different intensities to emote feelings of anger, pride and others. This type of music is the result of hip-hop culture and is known as hip- hop music. This music shows a heavy influence of Jamaican music. The roots of the music are found in African-American and West African music. It was first played by a group of traveling singers and poets of West Africa. Trance Music: This type of music is usually played in club houses and discotheques.

It originated in the 20th century. This music is characterized by fast tempo and repetitious beats of the percussion. It has a hypnotic effect on the souls of listeners. Jazz: This type of music is featured by strong and complex rhythms. The main instruments used for Jazz music are cornet, trumpet or violin, that help carry the However, in this genre, the skilled performer interprets a tune in his own way. Folk Music: Folk music is a kind of traditional music that is handed down from enervation in every culture.

This type of music reflects the emotions of common laity. Popular music and tribal music are the two sub genres of folk music. This folk music shows the social upheaval that lies among various classes of people. This also portrays their struggle for survival and their culture. Techno Music: Techno music is also known as fusion music. This became popular towards the middle part of the sass. This is a form of electronic dance music and based on African-American music styles like funk, electro and electric Jazz.

It features sat beats and this form was initiated by Juan Atkins, Kevin Sanderson and Derrick May. Opera Music: Opera music first emerged in Italy in the sass. This genre has a remarkable combination of theatrical art and musical invention and is specifically played in the theaters. This has greater appeal for its delightful orchestral accompaniment. The preludes and interludes of this music set the tone for the action on-stage. Beside these, there are Blues, new age music, Celtic music, religious music, Chamber music that have a soul touching effects.