Is a music composer, producer, singer and song- writer from India. He was born In January 6, 1966 in Achaean. He has been described as the world most prominent and prolific film composer by Times. His work is popular and notable due to his extraordinary composing abilities by mixing eastern classical music with electronic music. He is also famous for his traditional orchestral arrangement and world music genre.

Because of his talent In music, he has won numerous awards which include two;o Academy Awards, two Grammar Awards, a ABAFT Award, a Golden Globe, four National Film Awards, fifteen Filmmaker Awards and hearten Filmmaker Awards (South) along with numerous other awards and nominations. Moreover, he is also known as the multi-elementariness and philanthropist. HIS work Is well recognized Internationally as well. This memo responds to your request on the progress of my research project for “Testing of Battery System”.

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As you might remember my research was on the smiling model of the rectifier and inverter for testing the batteries. This memo will first present the research that I have completed so far, including preliminary results. Then this memo will discuss the remaining research and suggest modifications to that research based n information uncovered so far. Finally, the memo will discuss my progress on meeting the original deadlines for the project. This course examines musical cultures around the world, focusing on traditional genres.

Course content covers conceptual, structural, rhythmic and modal systems. The functions and meanings of music in diverse cultures will be examined. Representative genres will be studied, including the Indian Raga and Indonesian Gametal repertoire. Ethnomusicology Is the study of music in the context of human life. Each culture constructs Ideas of music and produces sounds that reflect these Ideas. This course examines music in specific cultures, addressing its creation, uses, elements, transmission and value.

Placing music within the context off society values offers a perspective that has anthropological and sociological dimensions as well as purely musical elements. Lectures will be based on the required textbook and listening examples. Supplementary musical and audiovisual examples will be used in class to broaden understanding. Test 1 15% week 6 -single hour classes Cot. 7 and 10 Test 2 15% week 6- double hour classes Cot. 7 and 9 Test 3 15% week II -single hour classes Novo. 18 and 21 Test 4 20% week 11 – bubble hour classes Novo. 8 and 20 Essay 35% week 9 – due Wednesday Novo. 6 (sec. 2) or Thursday Novo. 7 (sec. 1) Any alterations in assignments, tests or deadlines will be discussed in class prior to being implemented. You must notify me in advance by email using your full name and course section if you are unable to write a test or meet a deadline, otherwise a grade of zero will be assigned to missing tests or essays. Accommodation requests for religious observances must be made at least two weeks prior to the conflict In question.