Shamelessness Kate Saloonkeeper lose Jimenez English 102 18 March 2013 Jazz and Electronic Dance Music Old Fashioned versus Modern Jazz and Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM, are two very different types of music; but they have multiple similarities as well. Jazz has multiple sub-genres, brass and stringed Instruments, and swingy, bluesy rhythms. Electronic Dance Music Is generated from the computer, using various sounds ranging from an electric guitar to swords clashing.

Jazz music is the mother of all music, all the genres of music that we have today were derived from some form of Jazz music. While Electronic Dance Music has not been around nearly as long as Jazz has been, it is getting popular on the streets as well as In dance clubs. Jazz and Electronic Dance Music are two completely different styles of music, as well as generations of people. Jazz’s history is a very interesting one. Most of the famous jazz singers were Involved with drugs and drinking. Jazz Is originally credited to New Orleans, Louisiana n the twentieth century.

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Traits that characterize Jazz music are West African black folk music, European popular and light classical music. Early Jazz was played mainly in small marching bands or solo banjo and piano. During World War II, Jazz spread over to Europe, who claimed It as their own. After the war was over, Jazz was transformed Into smaller ensembles of musicians and singers. The SASS brought on musical competition with the beginning of Rock n Roll and Disco music, and continued to evolve in the sass’s with influences coming from retro style music.

Finally In the 1 ass’s, Jazz developed sub-genres Including Post-Bop, Retro Swing, Jump Blues, Hot Dance and Swing Hybrid. Jazz Is one of the longest living genres of music, and the history exemplifies that history. (Where did you get this information from? ) While Electronic Dance Music has not been around nearly as long as Jazz, it still has a unique history. Unlike Jazz, where the Instruments had already been made and perfected; technology needed to make the music that was still being invented as time went on.

Electronic Dance Music first started coming around in 1965, When Herb Kent opened up a teen club that included dual turntables, fog machines and strobe lights. In 1971, the Bazooka audio mixer was made commercially available, and In 1974, Grandmaster Flash Invents cutting, and Grand Wizard Theodore Invents scratching. In 1981, Jerkwater: Computer World LAP inspires electronic music. The first Electronic Dance Music tracks come out in 1984 and 1985. In 1987, an ordinance shuts down Chicago after-hours clubs, so underground clubs were started, with alcohol and loud music.

There were several recording studios that came available to Electronic Caucasians during this time period, and having these available definitely increased 1 OFF that you get and the sound quality will improve. Electronic Dance Music is still constantly improving as more technology comes available, and better computers are made and speakers amplified Similarities between Jazz and Electronic Dance Music may not seem that apparent when you first listen to the two back to back, but as you listen to the instruments involved in both genres and the rhythm and syncopation in the beats, you begin to see some similarities.

There are also similarities that occur in the histories. Electronic Dance Music has unlimited usage for instruments, so you often hear stringed instruments such as the cello, guitar and violin in the music; whether it is top layer of the music or one of the lower ones that Just beat in the background. You can also hear woodwind instruments like the saxophone and clarinet and multiple percussion instruments. Most of the popular Jazz artists were involved with drugs, alcohol, or prostitution. Electronic Dance Music and Jazz have the opportunity to use a lot of the name beat patterns as well.

Jazz is very syncopated and exact, to make dancing with the music easy. Even though Electronic Dance Music is a different type and style of dancing, the beats are also very clear and strong. While there are a lot of similarities in the two different genres of music, there are also a lot of differences. For starters, there is the obvious major change in genre and generations that the music was made and was popular in. Electronic Dance Music is typically a lot faster than Jazz, and the dancing that goes with Electronic Dance Music s far different than Jazz music dancing.

Dancing with Jazz is the Jitterbug and the Charleston, while Electronic Dance Music is more Shuffling and Jump Style. Jazz has a more classical, bluesy taste and style to it, while Electronic Dance Music is more upbeat and fun. Electronic Dance Music is typically found in late night clubs, block parties and at dance parties, as well as being found on many teenagers’ music players. Jazz is typically found in formal settings, such as a fancy restaurant or background music at shopping centers.

Electronic Dance Music and Jazz are very efferent as well as similar, and it shows. Jazz and Electronic Dance Music both were started at different times, but both still exist and are popular in today’s age, despite being completely different from each other. Jazz and Electronic Dance Music are both very cool genres of music, and are unique in their own special way. They have very cool histories if you look into it, with the racial segregation in Jazz, and being shunned in public society with Electronic Dance Music.

They may be popular in different settings in today’s day and age, but ultra blending is bring the two genres closer and closer together as generations grow and continue on. I would suggest that you site the websites where you got some of your information from, only because that’s Just what the instructor asked of us. I thought your essay was very well written when it comes to grammar and transitioning. It is also very organized. In my eyes, your essay was a written success. I edited my preferences in red so you could indicate them; I hope I was enough help in fixing your essay.