The influence of secular music on youth has always had a close relation to violence and negative behavior. From fifties ‘Rock and Roll’ to present-day ‘Rap’ concerts, audience members have been Involved In brawls, rapes, stabbings, shootings, drug use and numerous other criminal actresses while listening to their favorite groups. Irrational behavior at ‘Rock and Roll’, ‘Heavy metal’, ‘Rap’, and even ‘Country music’ concerts is nothing new.

In fact, some people believe that this inhumane conduct can be attributed to the lyrics of these various genres of music which seems to glorify indecent behavior. Others believe that it is the inappropriate practices of the artistes themselves that encourage their young fans to become violent since most of them tend to mimic the behavior of their idols/role models. ‘Rap’ music in its popularity has often faced nationwide debate especially when assessing its impact on the youth.

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The catalyst for such arguments has always been he violent nature of the lyrics and the way in which It Influences some of the poorest communities In the Caribbean. As I further explore the genre of rap music, I will seek to explain the role of secular music In establishing uncivilized behavior among the youth population. Research Topic/Problem Rap music and Its Influences on youth. Research Objectives 1. To identify and explain the origin of rap music. 2. To examine the effects of rap music on young people. 3.

To use the findings to make recommendations about the relationship between AP music and young people. Problem Statement Rap music negatively affects the relationship between youth and their parents. This study investigates the effects of rap music on young people and their relationship with their parents, in Dictating and Maloney. Research Questions 1. What Is the history of rap music? 2. How did rap music develop its reputation? 3. Why Is listening to rap music a preference, to young people? 4. What messages are these songs sending to young people?