Song Analysis “White America” is a song in which Amine creates many contradictions to show Inconsistencies In the American social structure. This Is Important because it reveals critical flaws in the American society that gives false illusions to immigrants and U. S citizens that the United States plays fair in wars. Amine plays as a voice for the American people. Through his music he points out the flaws in our government and speaks to the people who have been entrapped by It.

In the first verse Amine ascribes America as “the stripes and the stars for the rights men have died for to protect, the women and men who have broke their necks for the freedom of speech the United States government has sworn to uphold”(Amine). In the first line he puts stress on “stripes” and “stars” which creates an Image of patriotism. Amine believes that It’s a false image of patriotism that the U. S government pushes forward to the American people.

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Twisted words and excellent social control helps the government to convince the American public into believing anything they want us to believe. In my yes we are all equal, we are human beings, patriotism creates unnecessary conflict which pushes hostility towards one another. In the background of the song you can hear whizzing sounds which represent the national anthem and sound of the Blue Angels F-1 g’s fighter jets, which is a military symbol of America.

In the next three verses, the words “rights,” “died,” and “protect” (Amine) remind Americans of the sacrifices the country has to make to receive such rights as “the freedom of speech the united states government has sworn to uphold” (Amine) and to encourage them to appreciate these rights since hey are here because of the sacrifices of many women and men. In this song Amine describes to the people that all American people possess these natural rights. The governments’ Job Is to uphold and protect these rights meaning they were pre-existent and not given.

So, according to Amine’s belief, being an American should automatically guarantee rights equal to other Americans. He uses this fact to begin to show the “hypocrisy of our democracy” (Ford). The united States government Is not giving these rights to the American people. They are simply protecting them, it’s the opposite of what they want us to believe. The few elites that control the people separate themselves behind an iron curtain and manipulate the public in order to start unnecessary wars and financially burden the country.

He also attacks the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and parents that censor everything in the media and do not let people see the whole truth or the true meaning behind things. Amine refers his supporters who believe censorship isn’t right in “l go to CRY look how many hugs I get” (Amine). It is his belief that the media does not report the whole truth. This has been proved by many people. The news hat people watch when they turn the Television on Is biased.

In a line “Just sprays and sprays straight through your radio waves it plays and plays till it stays stuck in 1 OFF means when you fire an automatic weapon with hopes of hitting your enemy. It’s the opposite of aiming at your enemy and hitting them with few shots. This refers to the uncontrollable advertisement and misinformation that is streamed through the radio 2417, with hopes of “hitting” as many people as possible. We come to a point where we ignore all of the things companies try and sell us, and Just because you ignore it it isn’t mean it doesn’t affect you.

A handful companies own everything we see on the television and anything that comes through the radio. Parents who are in charge of their kids need to be especially aware of this. They have to moderate what their kids watch, and activities they participate in. No parent will allow their children to watch horrific things on the TV. Kids are like sponges they will absorb everything they see and hear. They have not developed that filter that sorts things out. Marshall takes pride in what he’s doing, he believes the statement he’s making peaks for all the American people.

In one of his lyrics he specifically says “how can I predict my words and have an impact like this” (Amine). He also goes on to point out that the government told him to keep quiet; “l musts struck a chord wit somebody up in the office, cue Congress keeps telling’ me I anti causing’ monotint’ but problems” (Amine). We don’t know whether this is true or not, maybe all he’s doing is promoting himself since a lot of people do believe in all sorts of conspiracies. Especially the suburban kids in America who are separated from the African

American rap community “l speak to suburban kids who otherwise wowed never knew these words exist” (Amine). If the allegations are against the peoples own government it hold a stronger purpose because it’s something we all relate to.. Anyone would listen more closely to a famous figure who speaks up against our government, whether it’s true or not. Especially kids who are living the mainstream culture of today, where most of their norms and values comes from a box that they sit in front of eight hours a day. Every Amine song has been throwing out truths about our government.

The social control that the media has on us, Amine exposes it. To the naked eye his lyrics are meaningless, some might even say he’s doing it because of self-interest. But if you put his music under a microscope you can see the unveiling message that Amine tries to put forth. There are a few messages in the song like the FCC who censors everything and the U. S government who misinform the American people about plans and laws they try to enact. His music reaches millions of people in the U. S. The first week of this songs release it has sold over 1. 7 million copies.