The authors views of music videos and the hip hop commitment is sexist. She makes points on hose hip-hop in general degrades woman and demoralizes them in a derogatory way. I would like to touch base on the same subject matter but shed light In a different point of view. What the author lacked Is a first hand pollen of woman who actually do this for a living, and try to understand where they are coming from?. From my point of view music motivates people everyday in deferent ways.

When I sites to the different music and watch music video produced by different artists; It gets me excited to see how these videos show a variety of lifestyles. Most of the time these rappers come from broken homes and really don’t know right from wrong. As these new upcoming artist get older and find there calling they are heavily influenced by other rappers and there environment. I feel you can only write music from a first hand bases and what you know Is what you write.

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McMullen states “Unless women agree to compromise their truth and self-respect, and unity with other women and instead play dutiful daughter to the phallus the represents hip-hop culture. They will be targeted , slandered, or ignored” (215). Nowadays these women that are what we call “Video Vixen’s” are actually using this as a career path and in professional means. They choose to take this route to fame because they see it as artistic. And are getting paid to move up in life bringing their families who once lived in poverty with them to this new lavish life style.

These woman don’t worry about bills, they drive nice cars, and most Importantly provide for their families. Most of these “Video Vixen’s” are considered models and what they do in music videos is artistic and tasteful. Now to the authors hip-hop music videos are degrading to women but its her opinion. McMullen states, “Unlike men, women in hip-hop don’t speak in a collective voice In defense of themselves. The pressure of women to be hyper-feminine and hyper sexual for the pleasure of men, and the constant threat to being called a pitch, a ho- or worse, a Dyke” (215).

Also we have take into consideration this article was written more then 7 years ago and so much has changed in the industry including respect for women. Which have put as much work as the men in the music industry. I feel music videos and the hip-hop culture has come a long way from where It started. These people that represent the hip-hop community are artist and are making music the only way they know how. These artists have a huge support system especially from there fan base which sometimes consist of millions of people.

When these artist popularity explodes they are immediately signed by a record label. Because they will make these companies ‘OFF and takes hard work and dedication. Most people see these artist partying but in-fact hey are working twice as hard to keep making music to stay on top. They are also promoting themselves and actually trying to get there music out there for people to hear. I am sure that they have a fear of losing it all so they try to enjoy the fame as much as possible.

I wouldn’t blame the music business for women looking as though they are being degraded ,women are also at fault for putting themselves in that position. What I mean by this is, one woman ruins it for the rest of them because she does in appropriate things to get to the top while others are extremely professional. Most of these woman fall short and put themselves down by engaging in behaviors that would degrade them to get monetary benefits and fame. If women came together and really put a stop to it they would!.

McMullen states, “If the terms for winning are the objectification of black women and girls, I wonder if any females were at the table when the deal went down. Did we agree to be euthanized, vilified , made invisible? “(216). Remember we are talking about grown woman that have the mental capacity to think for themselves and have a choice. The truth is these women perform in these ideas because they want to express themselves artistically in a way the general public wouldn’t understand. What I feel the author lacks experience because she did not grow up in their environment.

So many poor people who are artistically talented make music and gain popularity. They don’t have to do the things they once did to provide for their families as selling drugs, gambling or even participating in gang affiliations. This environment of drugs and gangs is a vicious cycle that has been implemented in there brains; since as far as they can remember. The music industry is there only way out because some never graduate high school or even go to college. And have no means of one day obtaining fame any other way.

The truth is most of rappers & video vixens in this day in age are highly intelligent. McMullen states ” But female hip-hop artist remain marginalia within the industry and culture except when they are trotted out to defend hip-hop against feminist criticism. But the truth is, all kinds of patriarchal institutions, organizations, and movements have women in their ranks in search of power and meaning. The token presence of individual women changes nothing if women as a group are still scapegoat and degraded” (215).

Because of people like McMullen artist and women aren’t respected for there artist views and expressions. And I feel it is sad that the general population put them down and challenges their intellectual capacities. If most rappers are ignorant as they say then why isn’t everyone rich or famous?. We can even go into the people producing this hip-hop music its extremely hard to make music that appeals to everyone. All the obstacles that these men and omen go through to make it in the industry while getting put down all the time should be respected.

I feel that people truly don’t understand them and always Judge without knowing where they came from and what they been through. I would like to conclude this in a way people will understand where these real artists fame especially in highly competitive environment such as a music industry which is consenting changing and adapting. I feel maybe the author should get first hand experience from the women that put themselves “out” there and ask why they are doing what they are doing.