However, this is not the case; at the hands of a female artist, the women are exploited through disrespectful years and Inappropriate physical Interactions with the female artists, while at the same time the producers exploit the women by showing extreme close-ups of their barely-clothed body parts. Viewers listening closely to the words of “Bees In The Trap” find that the chorus and the majority of the first verse performed by Nick Minas exploit women in a manner like that of most male rappers.

The song starts with the chorus and the first line Is, “B****sees anti SSH*t and they anti sally’ nothing’,” of course the a-word referring the other women in the video. Going Into the first verse, the next few lines imply that he may be bisexual by saying, “… And if she anti trying to give it up she get dropped off. Let me bust that u-IEEE, b***h bust that open, might spend a couple thou Just to bust that open… ” In translation, Nick Mina] says that if the female doesn’t have sex with her, then she is dismissed from her (Nick’s) group.

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A “U-IEEE” is when someone makes a hard U-turn to follow the very extremely attractive women in the car that Just passed by In the opposite direction. The last few words indicate that the artist Is willing to spend a few thousand dollars on the woman to have sex with her. If an individual were to read these lyrics without hearing the song or watching the video, he or she would think that this artist was a male rapper exploiting women as usual, when in reality it is a female rapper doing the exploiting.

Many of the interactions between Nick Mina] and the other women in the video are somewhat homosexual. The women who are In the most scenes with Nick Milan are desperate for attention and are by the artist’s side at all times when the camera turns on: In other words, these women play the role of “groupies. ” some scenes of the died show her sitting in the VIII section of the club wearing a green wig, a bikini, fanning herself with hundred-dollar bills.

She is sitting in between two similarly exotic-looking women and the artist is putting her face and lips very close to theirs. Nick Mina] flirts with each one by making seductive faces at them. In another scene, Knick Milan Is standing between two different women who are bouncing and shaking their buttocks on her. One of the women has on a short spandex dress accenting her large rear end and the other one is wearing thigh-high fishnet stockings and a G- tiring.

While they are Jiggling their butt cheeks the artist, with no hesitation, touches and rubs on their buttocks… And appears to be enjoying it! In this video Nick Mina] interacts with these women the way that most male rappers interact with the women in their videos. Not only does the artist exploit the women In the video, but the producers and are short clips showing all of the women in barely-there bikinis, six-inch high heels, and their bodies are covered in tattoos. More than half of these short clips consist of extreme-close-ups of the women’s buttocks and breasts.

One clip during the bridge of the song shows a slow-motion, inappropriately close shot directly into a dancer’s anus (of course she was wearing a thong so her bare anus wasn’t exposed)! Nick Minima’s huge rear end and extra-large breasts are a very major part of her appearance, so video producers make that the focus of many of her female extras in her videos. In the business of hip hop music video production, it is no surprise to see a male rapper exploiting women. However, if it is a woman exploiting other women, in the case of Nick Minima’s “Bees In The Trap,”