Vibe Is an entertainment and music magazine that features some of the biggest hip hop, ran, actors dancers and other entertainers in the world and since its launch in 1993. Vibe magazine is targeted at the urban followers of the hip hop culture, and some believe if an artist hasn’t been on the cover they haven progressed to their fullest ability.

My magazine cover will be a United Kingdom because since Vibe was launched there hasn’t been a United Kingdom artist to make the cover for one month so I am going to create a sign to what a united Kingdom artist will look Like on the front cover. The united Kingdom Artist I’m thinking of doing a cover for Is SEPTA. Septa Is grime king who has been rapping or rhyming since 2004 and has built his name worldwide with very good songs and a couple of controversial ones as well.

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I’m going to create my magazine front cover on Adobe Undersign, but I am going to edit every photo I download or I intend to use on Photos. The reason I am going to create my cover on Undersign Is because In design is very good for creating things like posters, magazines and etc. ND I also know how to use the program at a basic level which Is an advantage because I do not know how to use Photos very well. My target audience are teenagers to early adults from the ages of 14 to 25 who are in the working sector or who are in fulfillment education.

This magazine is intended for people who like to listen to hip hop music, and since the voice of vibe is to communicate to teenagers, my front cover is going to be created in a way to suit that age range. On this screen shot I have opened up Photos which Is on the left side and Google on the right. In this screen shot I’m going to show how I upload a picture from Google, so that I can edit it on Photos. I have searched for Septa on Google and down the images this image has appeared. I like this image a lot because of the colors he is wearing and the type of photograph.

Septa looks very powerful which Is very important If he Is a hip hop artist. Once I have found the Image I am looking for I am going to open It In full size. Once I have opened the image in full size right click on it and click save image to, at this point you have to choose the correct folder you want to edit the file in. I have chosen to save the file in downloads folder so I will just click save. This is very important because it saves a lot of time, and you always have to check what type of format your picture Is, because sometimes you can save a PANG file but you won’t be able to open It on Photos.

Once I have saved the file its time to locate it so I will maximizes Photos and click open then go to the saved destination and open the folder as you saved it. I have opened this picture and it looks exactly like the way have opened it. 1. Cropping an image . Once you click on the tool it will give you options and you have to select crop. Once you have selected crop you will have to click from where you want to crop from to where you want to crop to. This is very important and you have to hold the mouse until you reached where you want to end the cropping .

As you can see in the image below I have chosen to crop half of Septa’s body and after you have chosen where you want to crop you can press Enter or you have to click accept which is a tick shown here . 2. Eyedropper Tool An Eyedropper tool is used to pick a color you can see it in a picture you want to use or example in the picture above I wanted to use the color of the stars so I clicked on the eye dropper or used a shortcut ( E) and then grazed on top of the color I want to use, that’s how that big circle came up that magnify and shows you which color you are taking.

Overtime you click on any color focus on the color code for RAG and you will see how the code which you can add as a swatch if you are going to use it again. If you also check this color changer you can see that it changes overtime you click on different colors of the image.