Outpace Muar means serpent" and Shaker is Arabic for "thankful to God. Quota; For most of his childhood his crack-addicted mother shuffled Outpace between the ghettos of Harlem and the Bronx. Young Outpace began is performance career with the 1 27th Street Ensemble and then enrolled Baltimore School for the Arts where he was educated In ballet and acting. Outpace was forced to drop out of the school and move to California where his criminal career began. Outpace began selling drugs and had several altercations with the law including several shooting and the unexplained death of two off-duty officers.

Tuba’s music continued to excel until his untimely death on September 7, 1996. The artistic ability and musical talent weren’t enough to get by with; it took a shtick that was "true". There was no candy coating or a softer side to this "straight from the projects" thug. Outpace rapped about what he knew, and he knew the street life. In and out of Jail/prison Outpace had been exposed to, even saturated In the criminal element, and this exposure led him to express his exploits In vulgar and gory detail.

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It was this down to earth ego, telling war stories from his childhood about up in the hood&quot: that attracted people to listen. The genre targeted young black males; it was music that they could relate to. But it reached out past its target group and embraced the white youth of America who ere fascinated with drugs and gangs. Outpace painted a picture of the lower-class struggle and middle-class America ate it up. The lyrics of his music not only told of the hard life of the lower class and the struggle of the black man, but it also spoke of hope.

The echoes of the song Life Goes On ring out: "0 How many broth’s fell victim to that streets. Rest in peace young enigma there’s a Heaven for a ‘G’, be a Ill If I told yea that I never thought of death; my insignias we that last ones left, but life goes on…. ". These words of hope give strength to those who can relate and endear these words to their heart. Tuba’s music resounded with his personal quest for a better life: life caused it that fighting and hurting, in my room crying cause I didn’t want to be a burden.

Watch Mama open up her arms to hug me and I anti worried bout a damn thing—with unconditional love". The words of this Thug Poet gave strength and support to this new genre of Gangs Rap. let was always the man behind the music that gave it life. The same album that Vice President Equally quoted "APOCALYPSES NOW has no place in American society. " went double platinum. The popularity of Gangs Rap is due solely to its creator, Outpace Shaker.