The Petersburg, Valhalla celebrity didn’t always have a musical career In mind. As a child, there were no voice or piano lessons. In fact, all through high school, Trey was doing what most kids his age were doing: playing basketball, throwing parties, and getting dragged to church by his grandmother, who sang in a gospel choir . “L wasn’t even paying attention to R&B at the time,” says Trey. “l was listening to straight rap, like Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas. “. “Although Trey Songs loved hip-hop while growing up, the only R&B he could get into was R. Kelly.

When his friends heard his perfect tenor voice, however, they pushed him to drop rap and start crooning. Songs did Just that, and after winning numerous talent shows in his native Petersburg, VA, the 1 5-year-old singer met Troy Taylor, who had worked behind the scenes with such artists as Patti Label, SAVE, and ASK. Taylor encouraged Trey to finish high school first, and then they could talk about a possible music career. Trey received his diploma and Immediately moved to New Jersey to work with Taylor. Soon, the singer was appearing on Kevin Layette’s debut album and Trick Daddy’s Thug

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Matrimony as a sideman, as well as striking out on his own with “About the Game,” a solo cut from the Coach Carter soundtrack. As he was working on his debut album not to mention several collaborations with Ill’ Kim, Train, and Snoop Dog Trey Songs released some street-level mistakes under his alias, the Prince of Virginia. His proper debut, I Goat Make It, was released by Atlantic Records in 2005, and the sophomore effort, Trey Day, charted at number 11 upon its release in 2007. In 2009 the single “l Need a Girl” announced the coming of his third album, Ready. David Jiffies, All music guide.