As you look around yourself, you can notice all the diverse races within one room. We are all made up differently from the way we dress to the type of music we listen to. You can’t judge someone based off of the kind of music they listen to because it makes them who they are. There is a variety of music genres for us to choose from like pop, rock & roll, rap, r & b, even classical. But what make us even more unique are the worst songs that we could ever love. The worst song I ever loved Is “Don” by Soul]a Boy.

I think It Is one of the worst ones ever made but believe it or not it sure is a party starter. It’s everybody’s jam, like as soon as you hear it the beat makes you Just want to shake it like a salt shaker. I’m the kind of person who likes to listen too lot of rap music, so when I first heard it I was kind of like, “Oh my gosh! ” This song is mainly used for like parties or when you’re Just hanging out with your friends. I promise after you hear this song for the first time It’s Like an addiction. You Just keep going back to It.

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The song artist is Soul]a Boy whose real name is Dander Way, and he is also the Eng writer. Other songs that he is known for are “Crank That (Soul Boy)”, “Pretty Boy Swag”, and “Turn My Swag On”. The instrument used in this song is an M-Audio Axiom 25 Keyboard, which makes beats. Soul Boy is a Hip-Hop/Rapper who first started out Just making twerp music like “Her Booty Got Swag’ and “Booty Meat”. The song “Don” was recorded In 2008 In Florida and later released that same year. This song figure’s Into Soul]a Boys career because he makes music that people can dance to and just have fun with it.

The songs length isn’t very long but many people have oversee or dances to it on Youth. The song became pretty famous in a lot of urban areas first making it to the top ass’s and ass’s on local urban track recording list. The day I first heard this song It was being played on 106 & Park and people were wilding out about it. I was at home; chilling on our tan couch slouched down with my head on a pillow when I heard Soul Boy’s voice coming from the speakers of the television. I just remember thinking that this was going to be another one of his dumb songs that made absolutely no sense.

Immediately as I heard the beat I got up and started doing my thing. I can still picture my brother’s face when he saw me dancing; he sighed and rolled his eyes. I realized I loved this song when I was at a school dance and they played It. Remember saying, “00000, this Is my Jam! ” and started moving my body. Of course my friends around where dancing too so I Just felt in the moment. When I first started to love this song I was mainly hanging with church friends but we all liked the same kind of music.

We would all stay at Canella’s house for the Ovid to dance around in our Reportable shirts and you could hear the clanging from our wrist full of colorful bangles. The dance was pretty simple to us since all you really had to do was shake your butt. Back then I didn’t so much think that the song was terrible but later in life I realized it really had no type of meaning. It was a song that was meant to be dance to and never took any real skills to do it. Even until this day I still love this song. It’s one of those things that bring back my childhood memories and Just having fun with no rosier.

Vie noticed that a lot of people still dance to the song so it isn’t such a big deal whether it’s hip or not. It makes you feel like Just being yourself on the dance floor. Another worst song that I could love is Versa” by Amigos, and a song that I will love for life is “Complicated” by Naive. The difference between the three is they type of song they are Narrates” is Just a rap song about a clothing label, where as “Complicated” is a love song about a relationship with a significant other. “Don” and

Versa” are dance or hype songs but “Complicated” is a soft, in your feelings kind of song. I like them all but “Complicated” kind of relates more to me than the other two. The whole world is full of diversity so we all Just have to accept each other for who we are. No person is alike, we may have similarities but there are things that also make us different for others. I am the type of person who is very open-minded and I feel that music expresses the inner you. People tend to listen to music based on how they feel, and I completely accept them for their expressive ways.