The first question that was raised towards me went Like this: “Why did you choose running? ‘ The question proposed a lot of sense since there is a lot of PEE options present in this university. My answer then holds until now. I answered that I wanted to be a bit sporty and to get way from fatness and near to fitness, and also to ditch laziness. I wanted a sport because I never did almost my entire life. And so I ventured running.

Initially, I thought that it was going to be easy, and would entail minimal effort. I was painfully mistaken. To get sporty and ditch laziness was nowhere near easy. There were times, I remember, that I finished last behind everybody, and even times wherein pairs of women get ahead of me, I feel kind of deflated, because I keep on comparing myself with ;the other guys. ” But now, I view everything differently, Running has helped me visualize setbacks optimistically and see each failure as an opportunity.

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Different people have different methods f preparing for a run. Asides from doing our much encouraged “extra run”, I keep myself hydrated before, after ND throughout the entire run. Also, and this may be new, I listen to upbeat hip hop music before a run. As a person accustomed to dancing (l took Street Jazz before Running), I get “pumped up” and more ready for a run! Sometimes, although discouraged, I listen to music whilst on a run, but then I have to be more alert which is somehow distracting, but every time I hear a favorite tune, I go faster.

Nevertheless, I still tried to run without music and realized listening to thumps’ of my classmates’ running feet isn’t that bad after all. And so I thought thump thump away! I hear their pace, I hear mine, I advance, and I slowed In accordance to their thumps. ‘ In some cases, I even consider hearing thumps’ blissful for my auditory senses. Consequently, I thumped on the two ten kilometers, one I recently finished and I guess music could be more of a distraction than motivation, Other preparations I do include the usual warm-up excursuses we do before a run, run 3 lapses, and drills, exhibiting the 5 paces we use.

Most often than not, I also drink an energy drink, usually “Rockiest”, just because I like how it sounds. And now that my running class is nearing its fateful end (of which I hopefully pass), I ask myself this “What now? ” Now that we finished our final 10 kilometer finals, I figured that I muster up all that I learned, both technically and emotionally, and gear myself up for the upcoming conquests I would like to face, the next levels- 16 and 21 kilometer runs. So help me God!