The Power of Music The high pitched sound of a violin, the deep thump of a bass drum, the sultry voice of a singer, or the powerful words of a lyricist -? all of these show the power of music. Music can cheer you up when you are sad or calm you down when you are excited or anxious. Music has the power to change your mood, trigger great memories, and is a powerful form of expression. Music is also universal and is one of the strongest and oldest art forms that stretches across cultures, races, and religions. Music can change your mood. Think about the last time you had a bad day at ark.

You probably listened to a song in the car on your way home, or put on the stereo to unwind when you got home. Whatever song your heard made you move on from your bad day. It Improved your mood. Think about the last time you exercised. You were tired, you were not In the mood to work out, but you put on your Pod and let the music get you In the zone. Music has the power to change your mood from said to happy, or to create a mood altogether. Music can trigger great memories. Think about a major event in your life. It almost always involves a song or lyrics that trigger the memory for you.

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Your first dance, your high school prom, joyriding in your first car, holidays with your family, music is a part of all of these moments. For me, it’s the Temptations Christmas Album. I can almost smell the pine from the Christmas tree and the sweetness of the egg nook. I can see my mother cooking dinner and the bright boxes under the tree. For me it’s Michael Jackson, with a red zipper Jacket, penny loafers, and white glove. This makes me think of my childhood, hanging out with my friends, laughing after school. Music played a part in each of these experiences and milestones. Music Is expression. Music Is art.

Think about Males Davis blowing his horn for hours, honing his craft and coming up with sounds no one had ever heard before him. Think about Sugar Hill Gang, Curtis Blow, and Run DIM. They took powerful words and put them to music. They created rap music from nothing. Now, hip hop is one of the most popular forms of music we have. All of these artists used music to make people feel something. Music is universal. People all over the world, who speak different languages, eat different food, follow different religions, and have different cultures can listen to the same song and feel the same feeling.

This is the power of music. I think about my ancestors, who were taken from their homeland and brought to America as slaves. They didn’t speak the language, didn’t understand the culture, and had no way to make a life here. They were able to use music to lift their moods and express themselves when they had nothing else. This Is the power of music. The power of music In the world Is very evident. We all bear witness to this power every day, no matter where we are.