The name was Christopher Wallace, to many of us, biggie smalls. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 21, 1972. He was a Gemini, just like me. He was raised in the extremely poor and ghetto Brooklyn neighborhood. As growing up he called himself biggie, due to his weight. Years and years later, practicing his flows and rapping, he made it into the big game. He was rapping with Daddy, Outpace and all the most famous and legendary people.

HIS songs ere going off the charts, he was making a living and a great one at that. From going to nothing In a crappy neighborhood to making It big time with the cash, to his nice cars to luxurious house and cars. He was living the famous life, until his scandal with his best friend Outpace became. He knew that his wasn’t going to be the end of It. They fought the east against west and as bulge, rapped against his ex best friend; they battled till the end. As Outpace ended up being shot but survived.

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Some of Outpaces nag shot and killed Biggie at only 25 years old. HIS life will forever be remember as one of the best men alive. Biggie In my pollen Is the best rapper to walk on the face of this earth. He was an original, he was a gangster, and all around dope person. Biggie is going to be remembered till the end of the world he made such a inspiration on this planet that no one can live up to the one and only, Notorious B. I. G. For all we know he is probably making great songs up in heaven, Forever and always rest in paradise.