Setting Christopher Wallace was raised in the Bedford-Study. Jeans section of Brooklyn, Wallace grew up in neighboring Clinton Hill. Biggie also went to the private Roman Catholic Bishop Laughlin Memorial High School in the same area of his home. In 1991 Biggie was arrested in North Carolina for dealing drugs. He spent nine months in the jail, until he was bailed out. In February 1997, Wallace traveled to California to promote his upcoming album and to record a music video for the single “Hypnotize”.

On March 9, 1997, Baggie’s rap career came to an end, Wallace was killed by an unknown male In a drive-by shooting n Los Angles. Short Summary In 1994, Biggie was accused of the shooting on former friend Outpace Shaker. His hip- hop career was focused by the struggle between Bad Boy Records and Death Row Records, which occupied most of his life. Outpace was shot multiple times In a drive-by shooting in Lass Vegas on September 7, 1996. Rumors of Baggie’s involvement in Tuba’s murder were showing up almost immediately. Biggie Smalls, age 24, was pronounced dead at 1 5 A. M. On Sunday, March 1997.

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He was cut down in a fashion eerily similar to that of Outpace Shaker: on a crowded street ring a drive-by shooting In a bold attack In front of hundreds of potential witnesses, attending an out-of-town party. Baggie’s death shook the Hip-Hop world, and because of it, hip-hop has never been the same. Unfortunately, Baggie’s murder was not the last in the rap scene. From Outpace Shaker to Big L, murderous violence has taken the lives of rappers before they were able to show their true potential. Description of the main character Christopher Wallace was a rapper under the names “The Notorious B. I. G. ND “Biggie Smalls. ” As he got older, his mother called him Chris, or Christopher, but to the spinsterhood kids he was “Big”, the name would help carry him into one of the shortest but most successful rap careers in the history of hip-hop. Dropped out of high school. He was claimed to be a very good student, winning several awards as an English student. Upon dropping out he became further involved in crime. At the time of his death on March 9, 1997, Biggie carried nearly 400 pounds, nearly 180 kilos. Themes The books intention is to get better view of what really happened to the rapper Christopher Wallace a.

It’s hard to believe that no one knows who killed Outpace or Biggie. The Murder of Biggie Smalls is a griping story, but much of the story was focused on other subjects. There was a whole chapter which was dedicated to the murder of Outpace Shaker, and a whole chapter which was dedicated to Puff Daddy. There was a lot of unnecessary, boring information about police structures and such that in my opinion aren’t interesting. Good or not, this is the only book touching on the subject of Christopher Wallach’s life. Fans don’t want to miss it, but casuals may want to skip it.