The history of hip-hop originated In the late 60th of the 20th century and continues to grow In the present day. Hip hop music first emerged with disc Jockeys creating rhythmic beats by looping breaks on two turntables. This was later known as rap, a rhythmic style of chanting or poetry presented in 16 bar measures or time frames. Hip hop is a form of musical expression and artistic subculture that originated in African American and Hispanic American communities during the asses In New York City, specifically in the Bronx. Hip hop culture has spread to both urban and auburn communities throughout the world.

Hip hop culture has had extensive coverage in the media, especially in relation to television. Hip-hop culture originated In New York among black and Latino ghetto, street culture existed for centuries In all countries. Cool Here a Jamaican DC is considered to be one of the founders of hip- hop. He was a master of the music system, which evolved around the lives of youth; he is credited for being highly influential in the pioneering stage of hip hop music. He also moved to New York at the age of thirteen. In Jamaica, where Cool Here Is from he sounds of hip hop are derived from American and Jamaican Influences.

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Jamaican hip hop is defined both through danceable and reggae music. Breaking also called B- boning or break dancing, is a dynamic style of dance which developed as part of the hip hop culture. Breaking is one of the major elements of hip hop culture. Like many aspects of hip hop culture, break dance borrows heavily from many cultures, including asses-era street dancing. Breaking began in the South Bronx like the other elements of hip hop. Veteran of the hip-hop and a leader of the b-boys in the 70th of XX century was Richard Colon, he was known as crazy legs.

He had a break-dance group called Rock Steady Crew one of the most vocal and motor groups that created a new culture of hip-hop. The b-boys and b-girls were the dancers to DC Cool Here’s breaks, who were described as breaking. Cool Here says that breaking was also street slang of the time meaning getting excited and acting energetically or causing a disturbance. Beat boxing was popularized by Doug E. Fresh. Beat boxing Is the vocal percussion of hip hop culture. Sometimes, artists will use their hand or another part f their body to extend the spectrum of sound effects and rhythm.

Some have developed a technique that involves using their hands to produce very realistic scratching effects, which they use In beat boxing, Another artist from Belgium cupped his hands to make bird and ocean sound effects in his beat boxing, and so forth. Recently, a 2009 Beat boxing World Championship took place wherein over 52 beat boxers, including many females, competed for the title. This type of hip hop was quite popular in the asses. In South Africa the largest form of hip hop Is called Kuwait. It has had a growth similar to American hip hop.

Kuwait Is a direct reflection of a post apartheid South Africa and is a voice for the voiceless. Some of the large Kuwait artists have sold over 100,000 albums, and in an industry where 25,000 albums sold Is considered a gold record. So that’s really good. There are hip hop acts In South Africa that have made an Impact and continue making an Impact worldwide. These include Tumid, Ben Sharp, Hippo Pantsuit, and Tusks Sensing. DC Africa Bumboat outlined the four pillars of hip hop culture. Bumboat also formed his organization and included rappers, Des, graffiti artists, and dancers.