The world of music alone Is always evolving, however we’ve come to a conclusion that the message the artist convey In hip-hop music In this generation not helping out or paving the way for the next generation. The focus is to inform the readers that “smoke weed everyday” or “folding Molly” getting women Is not what the hip-hop scene is all about. Hip-hop artists tell stories, or teach listeners about the everyday life whether it is a privileged life, or a suffering part of life.

Through the evolution of hip-hop there were many styles that artists have came across. Styles such as conscious rap, battle rap, and political rap have swept the listeners of hip-hop off their feet. Hip-hop Is a form of popular music that Is compromised mainly of emceeing and decaying. This genre of music originated in New York during the ass’s. American DC Africa Bumboat, also known as the “godfather,” were one of the originators of break-beat deejay. Africa Bumboat is also known for giving hip- hop It’s name.

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The hip-hop culture Is characterized by the four elements of rapping, breakfasting, decaying, and graffiti. The hip-hop culture started from house parties here deejays would mix samples of records. From the Bronx, the culture then would spread to urban and suburban communities across the world. Rap Is a rhythmic style adaptation and development over the course of the history of the culture. Conscious rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop that focuses on creating awareness and communicate knowledge. Conscious political rappers speak out on violence, discrimination, and other social ailments.

Conscious rap contain positive, uplifting messages, often delivered over smooth, ear-grabbing beats. Some notable conscious hip-hop artists are KIRKS-One, Common, Taliban Kiel, he Roots, Kenya West, Moms Defy, Pharaoh Mooch, Nas, K-Co’s, and Lauren Hill. Battle rap is a style of hip-hop that stems from the quest to be competitive within the culture. This style of hip-hop is used to sharpen the artists ‘lyrical swords. ” Battle emcees focus on boastful lines and self-glorifying rhymes about one’s proficiency or level of success, accompanied by verbal insults hurled at the other party, directly or subliminally.

Ninth Africa Bumboat and DC Cool Here pioneering the first ever hip- hop movement, The Sugar Hill Gang released the first ever hip-hop single called Rapper’s Delight” in the year 1979. Sugar Hill Gang’s single hit the billboard charts at number 36. Various rap singles were soon released by Grand Master Flash and Furious 5, Curtis Blow, FAA 5 Freddy, and the Soul Sonic Force. The forefathers of hip-hop pioneered the movement that has rapidly changed the music industry. Ice-T came out with a single called “Body Rock” which pioneered the gangs rap movement. N. W. A. Also called N****s Wit Attitude helped pioneer the gangs rap movement with a single called “Straight Auto Compton” in the year 1989. The group ailed The Fugues, a group which consisted of Lauren Hill, Wesley Jean, and Prays. Hip-hop which is similar to political rap in which the artist promotes social ideals. Or show a comparison between the old generation of hip-hop and the new generation let’s take a look at some of the lyrics. Public Enemy, a group which consisted of Chuck D. , Flavor Flag, Professor Grief, and DC Terminator X, was known for there politically charged lyrics and American criticism.

In one song called ‘Fight The Power,” one verse reads “I’m black and I’m proud I’m ready and hyped lust I’m named, most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps. ” The unfortunate stupidity and ignorance that is associated with racism forced defeat with this song particular. Another old school song is by a group called N. W. A. This group consisted of Ice Cube, MAC Rene, Easy-E, Dry. Deer, DC Yell, and Arabian Prince. In one song called “Express Yourself” one verse reads “I’m expressing with my full capabilities, and now I’m living in correctional facilities. ” Dry.

Deer sums up how censorship has Challenged the freedom of speech we as Americans are entitled to. Now let’s fast-forward a little bit in time to the new generation of hip-hop music. Ill’ Wayne had a hit single called “Got Money” featuring T-Pain. In this song one verse reads “l make it snow, I make it flurry. I make it out alright tomorrow, don’t worry. ” Ill’ Wayne reminded us that hip-hop never really had a sense of humor. Another song that comes in this generation is called “Flat Line” by an artist named Chief Kef. One verse reads “She said she like me, and I say money anti a damn thing.

I spend it all on the same thing, same Gucci, the same Jeans, Gucci Gucci prison system. Chief Kef is another Chi-town gangrene that constantly raps about the hood life. Because he is signed to a record label, he feels a need to write about his riches. His lyrics are far from meaningful. “Old school” hip hop music began in the early sass’s inspired by funk music. A large number of artists split from mainstream disco movement and began creating hip-hop bases on a funk bass line. This new musical style was pushed to the underground with a small, yet loyal, fan base. However, disco was still a superior form of music at the time.

Due to the small fan base came a lack of ending and musical technology to create music, thus sampling was born. Sampling is the process of taking brief segments of sound (I. E. Song, movie, or elsewhere) and using that sound to form another sound or musical piece. Many of the earliest hip-hop musicians were criticized about the the dishonest nature of sampling copy-written material. This sparked a negative attitude towards rap music. From the simple beginning of hip-hop and rap music has evolved, and continues to evolve. The title of “new school” reflects the change that has occurred both in instrumental hip-hop, as well as its lyrics.

Most artists considered “new school” released music after the year 1985. Instrumentals were the first to change and lyrics soon followed. Starting in the early sass’s, many rappers began abandoning their harder lyrics full of mistrust and replacing these values with life stories, positive messages, and calls for good causes. With this change, hip-hop music reached its music. Once rap music had public support, many artists used their influence to preach their morals and standards, or Just to tell their life story. This slow evolution has made it explosive and long-lasting force within the music community.