Not being blabs but this controversy started many years ago. The profile of Women and men that started In hip hop music has evolved drastically over time causing an influential impact negatively and positively towards children, young adults and grown-ups. Rap and hip hop began back in the ass’s when everything was all good. The music was great and people were happy in the black community although struggling was a common thing and was overlooked. A different breed of rappers came about and the game changed causing an influence towards peers for the use of rugs, alcohol and violence.

In my opinion things have gone too far and it’s too late to repair the damage the rappers and done amongst the black community and towards other peers In different cultures and races. The lyrics have migrated through the ears of many people and have changed the world around. Music Is an Important Influence that some people don’t even know how serious the issue is. Hip Hop has caused a dissentions between blacks dividing the different types and causing others too look amongst one another In a totally new light. Why has rap music caused such a big Impact on today’s society?

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Nowadays it hard to forbid your child from listening to rap and hip hop because it has spreader rapidly through many countries and through the ears of so many people. Race doesn’t have anything to play Into rap anymore because deferent cultures have caught hip to it and have started taking the waves of making music within their own telling stories of their life and polluting the radios and television with vulgar lyrics and violence. For years hip hop has won. I’m a velvet of listening to rap myself but I feel there are a million things that have gone way too far in this world.

Music isn’t the same anymore and I realize that if you listen deeply to the lyrics you’ll realize that you’re falling into a spell. It’s genre has grown rapidly being one of the top selling genre’s. Many leaders have tried to use some form of constraint towards the radios but It has not helped and their cries have fell among deaf ears of people who are money hungry and want to see the community destroyed. At one point of my life I was a rebellious girl doing things I can’t believe I’d done listening to all types of music and heading in a opposite direction. I used to rap and I seed vulgar lyrics not caring about whose ears they fell amongst.

Music was my passion and I used my life to discuss through music because a lot of things I talked about were from experience or from what I actually had known. My parents thought I was out of control and for me it wasn’t about being cool anymore because it was a lifestyle that I had begun to adapt to. Once I graduated from high school I was still rapping and started to do some soul searching and changed my life and began to see things In a totally different light. Did I want to be a product of my environment? Did I ant to be a loser one day out on the streets and not have made It In life? No I wanted better for myself.

Rap Music really does have a powerful effect on the brain 1 OFF evolving themselves around this music and trying to live up to its ways. “Many of us abhor the misogyny in the music and videos; the unabashed glorification of crime and the unrelenting objectification of black women. Yet a good number of us cannot help but purchase the albums and focus instead on the lyrical dexterity of the artists or on the potential for social and political critique present in the music. All in all, most every outsider to rap or Hip Hop music has an opinion about the seemingly troublesome character of the genre and rightly so.

The complex history of the art form and its present international popularity and commercial success demands it of us. Hip Hop as a cultural and economic powerhouse invites a critical eye. It deserves our scrutiny’ The people behind the music are behind the artist. Those are the people with all the power to tell these artist exactly what they need to say to keep having people behave as fools. Music has gone so far into dept as to publicly calling women whore’s, sluts ND every other name that you can possibly think of.