Many people are aware about the dispute during the meld ass’s between the West coast and East coast rap stars Outpace Shaker and the Notorious B. I. G. (Jordan, 2011). Taking over the West coast Outpace dominated his side of the map. While the Notorious B. I. G. Aka Biggie was representing the East coast with a new style of Rap that streamed thought the city of New York. Fans from coast to coast have recognized the up coming new rap stars and the talent that they have brought to Hip-Hop. Each side of the coast supported either Biggie or Outpace.

With the new style of “Gangs Rap” hat had been introduce from Outpace and Biggie, the two Rap stars were competing to become the best rap artist of their time. Striving to be the next hop-hop icon, Biggie and Outpace bumped heads one day about a track they had made together. The feud began between these two rap artists, and eventually became bigger than either one of them could ever Imagine (Jordan, 2011). Christopher Wallace was born In Brooklyn, New York, May 21, 1972. He was raised In the poor Brooklyn neighborhood that had violence surrounding it.

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Dropping out of high school at the age of seventeen, Biggie became a crack dealer when he was only helve, which he proclaimed was his only source of income. Hustling’ one’s way was a common life for a young Black man trying to make a living in the ghetto and put food on the table for his family (Biography Channel 2013). His career choices involved many risks. Biggie took a trip to North Carolina for a routine drug exchange turned out to be Biggies unlucky day. Being the new soon-to-be MAC, Biggie had a nine-month stay behind bars (Biography Channel 2013).

Once released, Biggie borrowed a friend’s four-track tape recorder and produced some hip-hop tracks in a basement. The tapes were then passed around the city and played at local radio station In New York. Christopher Wallace named himself Bulge, for his weight. Biggie was a Black man who was overweight: dark skinned, and had a little crook in his eye, he was a charmer and loving husband to his wife (“Notorious B. I. G. Biography”). Biggie was a young superstar in the making and was introduced to a producer by the name of Sean Combs.

Once Combs heard Baggie’s early tapes he was mesmeric by his unique style, Puffy went to sign Biggie to his new label “Bad Boy Records”. This was Biggies first step on becoming one of the best rappers ever to live. Being signed to the top record label and representing Bad Boy Records got Biggie to stand out and allow him to show everyone that he wasn’t Just an ordinary rapper from the “hood”. With all the confidence that had been brought to him, Biggies mind was set to become the best there ever was. Biggie and Sean Combs a. K. A Puffy worked on the artist first album for some time and before he knew It, The Notorious B.

I. G. Was born. After falling all of his music on the album he soon released his First album called Ready to Die. ” After getting numerous hits the first couple of weeks Biggies first productive year Biggie was named MAC of the year at the 1995 Billboard Music Awards (Biography Channel 2013). Once Biggie had stated that he was the best, he then went off to go back to his hometown to see his friends and ran into some trouble with the law multiple times, on charges that ranged from beatings, to drugs and weapons, this was not the step Biggie wanted to head in after being awarded the best MAC of the year (Lindsey, 2011).

After all the charges he had to face Biggie soon met an MAC by he name of Outpace Shaker who is sighed to Death Row Records, and the two eventually become good friends. Outpace supported Biggie and was often giving him advice on producing tapes and his unique lyrical flow. However, their friendship took a big turn to the most violent era of hip-hop music on November 30, 1994 (Lindsey, 2011).

While Biggie and Puffy were at a recording session at Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan, Outpace went their to record with another MAC for his third studio album, “Me Against The World” at the same time, but in the lobby, Outpace was held at gunpoint and robbed of $40,000 worth of Jewelry. Outpace was shot five times. Biggie rushed down Just in time to see Outpace being loaded into an ambulance before he could say anything to him Road, 2011). Extending a middle finger while dying, Outpace blamed Biggie for the shooting and said that Biggie knew about it and failed to warn him.

Even though Biggie had nothing to do with the shooting, this sparked the East Coast, West Coast rivalry. Outpace later recovered from his injuries of the shooting in Manhattan. During this encounter, Biggie had admitted that he was scared for his life. Biggie never responded or acted to any of Tuba’s dieses. Outpace attacked Biggie with provocative statements, even starting rumors that there was a love affair between Outpace and Biggies wife Faith Evans (Biography Channel 2013). After the whole dispute the entire country became divided into two hip-hop groups. “The West side and the East side”.

In this case Biggie was signed with Sean Combs to Bad Boy Records and Outpace was signed to Death Row Records with Marion “Segue” Knight. After Outpace arranged a meeting with Biggie during 1995, Outpace whispered into Biggies ear saying “Im Just trying to sell some records. ” This was a slap in the ace for Biggie and never thought that this would come down to publicity and lies. Unfortunately, On September 7th, 1996, it became very real when Outpace was in Lass Vegas staying at the MGM Grand hotel. After seeing the Mike Tyson boxing match, he was leaving the hotel when he got in a fight inside.

Shortly after, Outpace was shoot and murdered in a drive-by shooting in Lass Vegas after he was leaving the Grand hotel (Biography Channel 2013). Outpace was a very strong individual and wouldn’t let anything stop him from reaching the top or slowing him down. After Outpace was shot, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he fought in the E. R. For six days until god had taken his sole to the angels to let him Rest in Peace. Rumors of Baggie’s involvement quickly took place and began to spread. A few weeks after Tuba’s murder, there was an anti-violence convention that was held in Harlem, New York.

Biggie was one of the few rappers to not make and appearance at the convention. This was not a good sign for Biggie and it seemed like he didn’t care about the convention and for Tuba’s death. Fingers started to point towards him and Bad Boy Records. Even though Outpace was killed before he could find out who shot owe records were very disturbed about the shooting. Having one of the best West coast rappers pass away before he could reach his full potential took a toll on the West coast. Outpace wasn’t Just a rapper; he had a diverse rage in poetry and song writing, not to mention he was also in the acting field as well (Lindsey, 2011).

Outpace was a very strong, talented young individual who never stopped trying to become the best that he could be. This was a shock to the whole West coast and his widespread fan base. But Biggie was the one that had to listen and deal with all the controversy about the shooting. Prior to when Outpace was shoot and killed he was with a member from the Www-Tang Clan. They were Just hanging out when both of them were shot and robbed. They both survived the shooing and when Outpace recovered yet again from a shooting he came back with fire in his eyes, accusing Biggie and Sean Combs for setting up the attack on him.

Both Biggie and Sean Combs denied the accusations from Death Row Records. Outpace didn’t stop there, he continued to add on to the controversy about the shooting and mentioned to the East Coast rap world about the single he had made called “Hit Me Up,” in which Outpace claimed that had slept with Biggies wife, Faith Evans Road, 2011). With more and more conflicts being brought up, the dispute between Biggie and Outpace had escalated rapidly. Biggie was now knee deep in situation and was frustrated with all the drama being brought to his way and problems that he faced. Biggie was now getting to the point that he was scared for his life.

Not knowing when he could be shoot, he knew there were people out to get revenge on him. Since Tuba’s death, Biggie was now focusing on staying alive and always having a pair of eyes behind his head. With maximum security, the ear of knowing that he could be shoot or killed at any point of time, Biggie made sure to live everyday like it was his last. Both Biggie and Sean Combs now having a target on their backs were laying low and trying to be secluded from as much publicity as possible and the West side critics that accused Biggie and Combs for organizing the shooting on Outpace.

Since the convention that Bad Boy Records failed to make an appearance to for anti-violence, This could have been a big reason why Death Row Records and gangs from the West coast wanted to make a “hit” on Biggie as retaliation for Tuba’s death and wanted nothing but revenge. Biggies life was at risk and not knowing what could happen to him at any point of time. “The only thing more powerful than a premature death is a death foretold”.

When Notorious BIG closed his second album, sass’s Life After Death, with the track You’re Nobody (Till Somebody Kills You), and was promptly murdered Just weeks before its release, hip- hop’s young icon filled of life and art reached its gruesome end (Lindsey, 2011). “Life After Death,” won Billboards ” R and B Album of the Year” and MAT Video Music Award for “Best Rap Video. ” This was the uplift that Biggie needed to get past the Drama and Controversy about Tuba’s death and the shootings prier Tuba’s death. But top chart placements and platinum records, or even awards cannot measure the albums impact. The stakes were raised,” says Www-Tang founder and producer RAZZ. ” Before Biggie, you might put out anything, now you know, okay, its real out there, you goat come correct, ’cause this cat (Biggie) is spending time on his sit. ” Says RAZZ (“Notorious B. I. G. Biography”). Started from the bottom, to revolving into a hip-hop superstar, Biggie Smalls was a young man who tried to make ends meet at a young n the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Eventually down the road, he ran into some obstacles that almost Jeopardized his career which lead to some time Jail time.

But set backs never stopped Biggie from pursuing his passion before he realized that he was going to be a hip-hop legend. With his first album “Ready To Die,” which told the story of his life, from a drug dealer to rapper. Biggie had two hits form his album, first was “Juicy’ which went gold within weeks and by the end of the year the album was triple platinum and had reached the Billboard Top 5 Rap Single and his second hit ” Big APIPA” reached number one on the Billboard. Biggies first album ” Ready To Die” proceeded to gain popularity throughout 1995, eventually selling over two million copies.

With the album’s success, Biggie became the most noticeable figure in the hip-hop industry, with his god given talents and realistic style of writing Notorious B. L. G. ‘s multi- platinum “Ready to Die” made him a superstar (“Notorious B. I. G. Biography”). On March 9th, 1997, Biggie was attending a party in Los Angels, he had just came out of the Soul Train Music Awards and was getting escorted into his SUB. Shortly after, Biggie and his crew were on the way back to their hotel in Los Angels, another vehicle approached Biggies G. M. C.

Suburban in front of the Peterson Automobile Museum and opened fire on the side of the car where Notorious B. I. G. Was sitting (“Notorious B. I. G. Biography”). He got shot seven times when he was sitting in the passenger seat when a car pulled up and unloaded a semi-automatic weapon. He was rushed to a near by hospital dying as every minute would act like one step closer to heaven. The worldwide hip-hop icon and an inspiration to millions of fans, rappers, and to his loved ones had passed away. The Notorious B. I. G. Was finally at ease; up in heaven with the angles, god had rested his soul in peace.

With Biggies death, brought a shock to the hip-hop nation and to the rap industry. His presence and unique style that he had brought to the rap game had influenced many artists and people from coast to coast. With having two of the nations best rappers gone within the same year really took a toll in the hip-hop industry. Both rappers had turned the nations view of hip-hop and had introduced the style of “Gangs Rap. ” Biggies style of rap was more “Real Life” and would write about his personal life and he struggles that he had to overcome growing up in the ghetto.

For Outpace, his style was mostly formed with poetic ambitions and brought a powerful feel to his style and literature. What these two rap artists have brought to hip-hop will never be forgotten and will always have an impact on what today’s hip-hop genre and how Biggie and Outpace introduced their own style of rap. This is how hip-hop truly originated its unique styles of rap, and how they influenced rap artists, producers, and up-coming stars that are trying to make it Just like Biggie and Outpace had to do. With all the introverts that took upon the West coast and East coast rivalries between Notorious B.

I. G. And Outpace Shaker came to an end. Each side of the coast was no longer in a dispute with each other’s style of rap and who was the better rapper. Both Biggie and Outpace had earned their respect threw the songs that were produced and the stories behind the lyrics. Before Biggie had been shot and killed, he took a visit to the West coast to perform and show respect throughout hip-hop and Outpace Shaker. This was the ending of the two rivalries and territorial wars that originated from the two icons that made hip-hop into what it is today.

The deaths upon Biggie and Outpace have still two murders that are still unsolved, the controversy of drama that the history of hip- hop has seen and experienced when Biggie and Outpace were murdered will never be forgotten and will always be remember as the two best hip-hop legends to enter the rap game. The dispute between the Notorious B. I. G. And Outpace Shaker eventually had been settled but sadly took Outpace Shaker’s life first. A legend that had inspiration to the hip-hop industry, a mentor to various artists around the coast, unfortunately he was unable to reach his full potential as an artist. As for the Notorious B.

I. G. Aka Biggie Smalls, was fortunate enough to finalize his up-coming new album. A twenty-four song, double disc collection that ended up being one of the best albums ever produced. Once the new album had been released ” Life After Death” Baggie’s life abruptly ended weeks after releasing his album. Once “Life After Death” had been released before Notorious B. L. G. ‘s death, Biggie was established as one of the greatest rapper ever (“Notorious B. I. G. Biography”). Without having the two most dominant rap icons in the hip-hop industry, left a bitter silence for hip-hop and he fans across the nation.

Having both Outpace and Biggie die within months of each other, the battles were over and the dispute between one another had ended. During this era of hip-hop, two rappers by the name of the Notorious B. I. G. And Outpace Shaker, both had their own unique style of rap. Outpace was more of a poetic type of composer, while Biggie had gangs credentials and street knowledge. Biggie would incorporate his lifestyle from the ghetto and composed his stories into lyrics that inspired fans around the nation and many rap artists. Between the West Coast and

East Coast rivalry, the controversy with Biggie and Outpace wasn’t Just a battle for respect and credit to who was a better artist. Jealously took over, both running into trust issues with one another which eventually exploded into hatred and rivalry. With many conspiracy theories that are still filled with unanswered questions, the killings of Outpace and Notorious have still yet to discover who murdered them. With this all being said the dispute between one another had eventually faded away, leaving many fans confused and upset about to two rap icons gone. Who was to be blamed for the killings?