Hip-hop and Rap are two of the most popular kinds of music In the subculture. Despite being popular, There are three mall differences between rap and hip-hop like musical features, culture and community message. Firstly,The musical features of rap and hip-hop show some discrepancies Rap Is a combination of rhyming and poetry to a musical beat contrary to Rap.

On the other hand, hip-hop music Includes rhythm,blues and beat boxing. Secondly, The culture of rap music Is focused on poetry and quality of lyrics. Rap music has a strong background In Improvisational poetry. The artists or rappers are expected to create poetry that discusses the main Issues of the community, politics, or media events. While the artists In this area of music are men, hip hop music Is a mixture of men and woman. Rap groups are also fairly rare, with most rappers being solo artists.

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Then , The community message of hip-hop and rap songs looks like subject-object relation. Take for an example; Hip Hop is the teacher. But,Rap is the show-off. Hip Hop talks about everything negative and makes it positive. Alt teaches lessons that anyone can learn from. They do it for the love of the music. Unfortunately,Rap talks about jewelry, shoes, falling in love with a stripped, the color in your shirt, and anything else. To sum up, All of properties make us distinguish to hip-hop and rap shows the differences clearly.