Hip-hop music and tattoos are Important to many teenagers of society today because these are forms of self expression. Although, these forms of expression, along with any form of expression, convey positive and negative message because as people, we have positive and negative emotions. Why are these forms of expression so popular in teens? And why is it mostly teens? We should pay close attention to the negative effects of these cultural trends because it shapes the the people of today, the future of our society.

Hip-Hop music made its debut in New York in the ass and ass, brought ever by Jamaican immigrants. Later, hip-hop often sent the positive messages of working hard, or “hustling”, for money through hard times In while living In ghettos. Its most likely safe to assume that the Jamaican Immigrants who fathered the music probably went through difficult conditions considering the time period and that they are immigrants. So is it a coincidence that the history of hip-hop is filled with messages that come from pain and labor that arise from sorrow and suffering that life has to offer?

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I think not. Like all music, hip-hop speaks to people. Music soothes the soul, It understands you, It encourages you. However, along with good messages, there could be negative ones that talk about violence, sex, drugs. Its hard to say that musicians these days are just dollied for their music. They may make good music, which is why they are so popular in the first place. But if they send bad messages and do bad actions, are they dollied anyway Just because they music they make sounds good? Is it okay for celebrities to do drugs, commit crimes?

Is it okay that teens want to be like them? Tattoos represent quite a number of things,can hold the greatest amount meaning Imaginable and one of the most common forms of self expression out there. People could be getting tattoos to represent loved ones In their lives, people they that have pasted, their passions, religion, the time in their life they are going through in their lives, or maybe their feeling adventurous and just want to get a tattoo of something random they like and it looks cool. Whatever it is, there is probably a tattoo of it, somewhere out there!

It is their body, so they can do whatever hey want with It, however, for the people who get tattoos Just for the fun of it might greatly regret It later. Tattoos are permanent. You can still get them removed, but that Is more painful than getting one on. Its Important that a tattoo has a meaning to you. Trends come and go, along with the phases of your life. There is a reason why you must be an adult to get a tattoo, or else we would all have tattoos of unicorns and rainbows from when we were eight. When you are an adult, you are more capable of making decisions that suit you and that you’ll be okay with for the rest of your life.

My point being, If your going to put something on your body for the rest of your life, It should be Important. But teens are known to Just do things to feel rebellious and end up regretting it later. Hip-hop music and tattoos are forms of self expression. Self expression is crucial for an individual grow, especially in teenage years, where a person tends to do the most soul searching and growing. We are all unique and live different lives. We have the need to communicate, show our experiences and understand ourselves and the people around us.

To do so, we must have an outlet or our feelings through out passions of word, music, art, whatever It Is. Tattoos and reason why self expression is so concentrated in teenagers is because they are going through the most confusing years. In teenage years, you must understand yourself; what are your interests, who are you, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? And as I often hear, “teenagers are treated like children but expected to act like adults”. Tattoos and hip-hop are popular and important because they allow individuals to express themselves.

Like everything else in the world, tattoos and hip- pop has its pros and cons that we should watch out for. And as silly as this sounds, it should always be remembered that teenagers are people too. While looking at various articles to view different opinions on hip-hop and tattoos, authors often generalized teenagers. We do not all like hip-hop music and we do not all want to get tattoos. There are also older generations who support tattoos and listen to hip-hop. In the end, it all comes down to preference. Some people like this, some people do not. Some teenagers like hip-hop and tattoos, some teenagers do not.