Although soul developed much earlier than 1950, it first gained popularity within the late asses and came to be called soul jazz which self-consciously used melodic figures or riffs derived from gospel music or folk blues. Soul has Its roots In African-American culture and first made Its appearance In the united States. Although soul music was a blend of gospel rhythms, it had appeared more secular rather than having a religious message. Soul music is highly moving, and the type of rhythms allows soul singers to display a range of emotions in their performances.

The characteristics within this genre may include the following: * Use of Melissa * Melodic ornamentation * Rhythmic complexity use of horn sections * Improvised vocal styles * Harmonies backing vocals Minimized back beat * Use of hand instruments such as finger snaps and/or hand claps and response Instruments from the Jazz Genre Call and response * use of call Marvin Gay was born in Washington, D. C. On April 2nd, 1939 and died on 1st April, 1984. Marvin Gay was named after his father, a minister of the Apostolic Church.

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Marvin would sing in his father’s church before he sang with Mutton. The spiritual influence of his early years played a big role throughout his musical career. Marvin Gay was raised with strict control of his father, Reverend Marvin Gay Sin. Marvin Gay would often find peace within music during his childhood. He mastered the piano at a young age and also the drums. Marvin Gay had an extraordinary range that spanned three vocal styles. In 1970, he was inspired by escalating violence and political unrest over the Vietnam War, Gay wrote the song “What’s Going On”.

With the success of this single, it inspired Gay to take even more risks, both musically and politically. Gay struggled with substance abuse and depression. Marvin Gay Sin shot and killed his son after a physical argument. Gay evolved a new musical style hat influenced a generation of African American performers. What’s Going On by Marvin Gay was released on January 17, 1971 and was recorded on June 10, 1970 – September 1970. The lyrical content of this song included references to the incident bloody Thursday.

The Instruments that Gay Includes are: * Drums * Piano * Saxophone – Alto Sax * Synthesizer – strings * Horn/Brass section * Hand instruments This song shows many characteristics that appear within the Soul genre. It includes the call and response of What’s Going On’ and Wall of sound is included. The treasures that made this piece so successful was the fact that the song focused on major seventh and minor seventh chords, and was orientated in sounds by Jazz, gospel and classical music. The form of this song is typical within the genre because it is in verse-chorus (strophic based) form.

The outline of this song What’s Going On is: Intro – Verse I – Verse II – Chorus – Verse Ill. Rap music / hip-hop genre originated in the mid asses among African American and Hispanic performers in New York City. Rap is known for talking rapidly, rhythmically, vividly, and boastfully. In the late asses, young Ads discovered that they could borrow and sample excerpts of recordings, and stitch then together to make a new song. Rappers would compete come up with wittier and more rebellious lyrics.

Characteristics of Rap Music include: * Rhythm is synonymous and there is always a constant beat that rap songs have. * Influence – notably racism, police brutality, drugs and gang violence * Rhythmic beat: 44 time signature. Strong on bass line * Has a steady beat * Spoken lyrical line * Melissa Outpace Shaker, an American Rapper, was born in New York on 16th June 1971 and died on 13th September 1996. Outpace was shot after attending a Mike Tyson boxing Match which he was killed by an east-coast gang in Lass Vegas, Nevada.

He was only 25 years old at the time of his death. Most of Tuba’s songs were about growing up among violence, racism, hardship in ghettos and other social problems and conflicts with other rappers through the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. Outpace was the son of a Black Panther activists, and was raised by his mum when he was growing up. Outpace had no contact with his father until he was an adult. He had several arrests for Eileen offenses in the asses. Many of Tuba’s songs are about fights, gangs, and sex.

He became well known for his musical talent and violent lyrics. Tuba’s tracks identified that he would insult his enemies (East Coast). Since Tuba’s death, numerous albums has been released, selling millions of copies. Tuba’s complexity of his rhymes made him an influential artist. Changes by Outpace was released on October 13, 1998 and was recorded in 1992. This song makes references to the Black Panther society. This song refers to the opportunity of a Black President of the United piece.

The instrumentation that Outpace uses in this song includes: lead rapper and lead singer * Keyboard * Drum kit * Backing vocals * Synthesizer * Male Vocals – The form of the song is Verse-chorus (strophic based) which is typical to the genre. The outline of the structure is: Intro – Verse I – Chorus – Verse II – Chorus – Bridge – Verse Ill – Chorus – Outré (fade) This song has a catchy piano riff and it combines two genres – rap and hip hop together, simplistic chord progression and lyrical content of police brutality and depression are features that have made this piece so successful.