Snoop Dog and Snoop Lion Calvin Broads better known as Snoop Dog was born on October, 20, 1971 in Long Beach California. Snoop got his nickname because of his mom, she said she looked like a character from a TV show. After graduating from high school snoop got busted several times for possession of drugs. His first single was called hold on which was the first song hear by Dry. Drew. Drew taught snoop how to create better songs with verses, hooks, and chorus. Snoop has a very different tone than all the other rappers, e has a more mellow tone, while other rappers are very aggressive in their songs.

Doggedly was the first album release in 1992. This album made its way to the top with its biggest songs being “What’s my name” and “Gin n Juice. ” He then released his next album called the Together witch didn’t sell as good and it wasn’t one of his biggest album either. After this album was release Snoop had a big conflict with death row records and he stop giving the company song but he did produce one more song before his contract expire It was called “F**k death row.

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Snoop Dog however was moving away from his gangs roots when he released his album no limit top dog selling over a million copies of It. After being done with no limit he then sign into Capitol Records he released paid the cost to be ad boss he stop being a G and he was becoming a pimp. Drop It Like It’s hot was snoops first song to be number one. Snoop work with Warren G and Neat Dog In the group 213 and released the album the hard way. On July 31, 2012, Snoop Dog changed his stage name to Snoop Lion.