Hip-hop is fast becoming the expressive manifestation of the past and the present medium by which African American and Latino-American express their views . Black women have less access to power, wealth and protection and have used sex as a means to gain that access. Today women in hip-hop define their own worth on what they can do by how much skin they show on TV. This presentation and subsequent paper Is takes a critical look at two female help- hop artists had how their images on hip-hop videos have changed over the years.

The two different people that I am comparing are Foxy Brown, who started her career at a young age of 13, and Dab Brat who also started her career as a teenager. Female images in rap and hip-hop video show and portray its artist as either being showgirl sex objects, tomboy action hero, a means of librating force from men and a response to male fantasies . The different Images that we see on rap and hip-hop video are the result of what manager and producer what people to see and hear. These mangers are males who decide what stimulates sexually arousal to to another male is or myself and tell their female artist what to do ,how to dress .

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They also inform their female artist that they are in for the money and that in the long run what are they (the manager) getting out off all this help. Foxy Brown was Just a teen when she bust into the world of rap and hip-hop featuring In other artist s music video when she was Just 13 years old. One can Image what she had to go through to get to where she is. It is well noted that women in rap and hip-hop videos are exploited for sex before getting the “Gig” they deserve. As a beautiful young woman, Foxy Brown moved up he ladder very fast and landed her first Album at 16.

She is described as being sexy- crazed, Mafioso loving, drug-obsessed performer who is always in some sexual provoking others. Moreover, over the year, her clothing has not changed but worsened, revealing more of her skin. She released Ill An An at age 15 that contained lyrics that were more explicit for her age. Foxy Browns Debuted on Billboard #1 and was in competition with Oil’ Kim, another new entry into the music world, who was also revealing more of her skin. She considers herself as going through a transformation from silent to domination role and landed her at six #1 on the Billboard chats.