Brittany Larkin My Name is Brittany Larkin and for my senior project I have chosen to do How Music Impacts Drugs on My Community. My motivation for this project is that today’s society has changed over the years, and more and more I see not only some of my fellow classmates, and my friends, but my family members’ usage of drugs impact over the years.

One day I’m walking home from school and a group of young boys about my title brothers age so I say about 11-12 years old smoking and rapping ” I said wait hold up please let me roll up” and thinking to myself did that music make them want to smoke drugs or was It the drugs that decided the type of music they listened to. More and more new songs about drugs have come out come out for example the molly dance, and I myself have noticed ever since the song has been released more and more people find It fascinating to want to do a “Molly’ because It seemed cool ND the rappers.

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People they look up to have tried It or claimed they tried It. I think It’s not Just rap music though that Impacts drugs; I think every genre has a different Impact on drugs. That’s another reason why I chose this particular project to see If It’s Just rap music, and If Indeed It Is I want to know what are the different solutions we can take to change this. Maybe less drugs and more successful things In music Like staying In school.