Slug, Is an American rapper composing half of a hip-hop group dubbed Atmosphere. He Is the lyricist and vocalist, while his good friend Anthony Davis (known as Ant) Ads and produces. He also expounded Rhymesters Entertainment, an independent record label. The name Slug is derived from Little Slough after his father’s nickname, Slough. Slug has become to be known as an acronym for Sean Loves ugly Girls. Sean Daley was born September 7, 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His mother is Caucasian and father is Native American- African American. There has been dispute by some over that Sean identifies himself as black. Slug mentioned In an Interview that he pays no attention to that. His parents divorced before Sean was a teenager and he grew up between his mother’s and his grandfather’s guardianship. Atmosphere released their first album, “Overcast!! ,” in 1997. This is the only album that features verses by Spawn, Slugs friend who helped form the group.

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Slug criticizes his first album with, “It’s obvious that I’m trying so bucking hard on Overcast and you can see through it and tell it’s not a person it’s more of an attempt at trying to fill the niche, it was like I was trying to rove to myself that I was a rapper. ” In 1999, Rhymesters Entertainment opened, Fifth Element, an independent record shop In Minneapolis. The Idea was to not only have and artist owned record label, but also a store to sell the music they produce.

Atmosphere then went on to produce eight more full albums, the latest being “The Family Sign,” released in 2010. “My first struggle was to validate myself or even prove to my immediate peers that I’m supposed to be a rapper. I think that’s many rappers first struggle making music, which Is why you get many people’s first records hen they’re making music are about “I’m over your head Like a raptor, lilt fresh, I’m so good at this, I’m fresh. ” From there, I started dealing with some of my codependents as far as alcohol, weed, women and validation.

I stuck with that for a while until I became a caricature of myself. Right around You Can’t Image How Much Fun We’re Having that’s when I started to shift and turn more into a storyteller. ” In most of Atmosphere’s albums, Slug strings out his volatile emotions and brings you to a dark place In his mind. He writes about his thoughts, dependencies, addictions, life, and relationships. Many of his songs incorporate fictional characters and events that allude to real people in his life and symbolize periods of his life.

The majority of Atmosphere’s song lyrics are left up to interpretation by the listener and there is much mixed feedback as to what many of their songs mean. Lucy Ford is a reoccurring character in Slug’s lyrics. “When I wrote Lucy and when I was writing about Lucy, I thought that Lucy represented the dichotomy between me and women and my own flaws as to why I couldn’t malting a meaningful relationship, as well as the type of women I was attracted to,” Slug said. Women are admittedly Jean’s favorite subject to write about.

A 16 year old girl was raped and murdered at a show performed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He said, “That incident altered me and a lot of the things that I was doing in my life. It altered a lot of the things that I stood for, the way that I was treating myself, women, and fans. ” He wrote a song about it called perform the song live, and that he skips it whenever he is listening to the album it’s on. Though there are real emotions and thoughts in his music, Slugs says his music isn’t autobiographical. Depressing lyrics in a song don’t mean he isn’t a happy person in real life.

He named an album Mimi Can’t Imagine How Much Fun Were Having” because Slug and Ant had a wonderful time creating the album, even though the lyrics tap into thick emotion and suicidal thoughts. Sean Daley is a hip-hop artist who is on a different level from mainstream rap. He doesn’t rap about how many guns he has or how much money he spends on diamonds (maybe because he doesn’t have much money). He raps about real life, love, stress and emotions people can relate to. “It’s not Just really about me getting on the stage and having the time of my life talking about how cool I am. It’s bigger than that. ”