Ruben wants to determine if listening to different types of music will have an effect on a person’s pulse. His hypothesis states that if a person listens to rap music, their pulse will increase more than if they listen to other types of music. Ruben takes each participant’s pulse before, during, and after listening to 30 minutes of music. He has his mother listen to rock music, his sister listen to classical music, and his friend listen to rap music. From the data collected, he determined that rap music raises a person’s pulse the most. Halls independent variables would be the type of music and his dependent variables are the mom, sister and friend. 2. Something that could change the hypothesis Is If he played specific songs or If he switched the genres for his mom, sister and friend. The changes would be an Improvement because It will test the effects of the type of music the person enjoys more. My experiment will be on which type of whistle will the dog react most with? The types of whistle I will use are a sliding whistle, a dog whistle, and a regular whistle.

One hypothesis is that the dog will react more to the dog whistle because of its high pitch that irritates the dog, another is that it will run from the sound of the regular whistle because it is too loud. The independent variables are the whistles and the dependent is the dog. I will start with the sliding, then the dog then the regular whistle. Sliding whistle: no reaction Dog whistle: ran away whining Regular whistle: ran away barking In conclusion my hypothesis were correct the dog and regular whistle had the most affect on the dog.

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