The Sarah Barman video today had some very shocking mistreatment of African Americans. I don’t understand how Europeans could Justify their actions of treating another human being like that. Also to know that people still went to see her pickled remains for almost a century after her death showed that it was more than one person that contributed to this. People thought that African Americans were a different species and weren’t even human. We can also see this in our society today.

I ere up outside the Bronx, and my school was mainly comprised of African American and Hispanic people. My cousins that lived Just outside the city in the suburbs, went schools were the population was 90% white. It is almost like our races still keep us separate even though our society proclaims that were all equal now. The large disparity in the number of other ethnicities located in these areas cannot Just be coincidence. It opened my eyes to see that this stuff still goes on today when I was ender the impression that our society was much better than before.

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The poem “Ghetto Booty’ also brought up some issues today. Many songs, which I do listen too, objectify a women’s body and even degrade the African American community. When I listen to hip hop music, I don’t take the lyrics they say literally. We realize that these people Just want to sell their music and you can’t do that by rapping about Jesus or something else. Other people are quick to Judge our music and take everything literally.