Who would think that listening to hip hop music one would be influenced to live, think, and act a certain way? Joan Mooring’s “Fly Girls, blotches, and hoes: Notes of a Hip Hop feminist”, argues that the rampant sexism and machismo in hip hop music Is the fault of both African American men and women and damages the larger African community. She compares hip hop music to an abusive relationship. She states that hip hop music is the only way in which young black men are allowed to hide and express their pain.

She believes that black men are engaged in war and, racism and white power structure have conditioned black men to believe the enemy is brown. She states that for most black men there is no trust, no community, and no family. She believes that hip hop is the mirror in which brothers see themselves. She states that black women are hurt when they hear black men calling them pitches and hoes. She states that in the last thirty years the number of two-parent household has decreased from 70 to 38 percent. She says that the cause of death among black men ages fifteen to twenty-four Is homicide.

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The hip hop community creates sexism and schisms In the African American community because of the way hip hop artist dress, what they say and how they behave. Most hip hop performers dress In a very provocative way. Rap artist ill Kim want to the Grammar award wearing a purple sequence dress with one of her breast out covering the nipple with a piece of fabric. The men wear pants that expose their underwear and private area. The women wear short skirt and tight pants. They also wear half shirts with their bra showing and, cleavage hanging out. By dressing in a sexual way it makes the black community think that it is okay.

In some of the hip hop songs the artist talks about expensive clothes. In the videos they show woman wearing tight clothes. The woman in these videos encourages young girls to dress like them. When these girls dress like the woman In the video they become poplar. While becoming poplar they gain friends and dress In style. Joan Morgan says we’ve all been recipients of the competitive way when Lung for male attention (5). This shows that woman don’t have self-love for who they are. Most of hip hop songs encourage the use of improper English. “Salt Shaker by Ill Jon &amp: Stateside Boys states,” Shasta crank on the floor wide open

Ocean Skeet so much they call her Billy Roll like an eighteen wheeler That hoe fine but this hoe a killer Shake it like a salt shaker She leaked, she’s soaking wet In hip hop music slang are used. Some of the slang used are disks, hood rat, billing, blitz, silent, and grind. The slang that rappers use has become a language In the African American community. They use this slang because they don’t want other races to know what they are talking about. Using slang make the black community more acceptable among there pears. With slang makes It easy for them to communicate with each other without sounding nerdy.

By using improper English it Not only does improper English affect their ability to communicate but it will also affect the young children in school. Joan Morgan says, my feminism places the black community on its list of priorities (2). This shows that as a community things need to change. Hip hop music encourages deviant behavior. A deviant person behaves in a way that is not acceptable. Hip hop music encourages sex. In most hip hop music men talk about how big women breast and butt are. They also talk about going to bed with them. In the music videos there are scenes where there are men and women in bed half naked.