Without music life would be a mistake! My hobbies are singing and dancing. Regarding the most popular hobbies, people like playing basketball or football, reading, stamp collecting, etc. However, I love to listen to music and also to sing. I have a large and superb collection of tracks and I listen to all kinds of music. My collection ranges from hip hop music to rock and from blues music to rap. My hobby is listening to these songs carefully and then to learn them. I sit with a piece of paper and a pen while I write down the lyrics of the songs that I hear.

Then I hum along and soon I know the tunes too. I switch off the Black Berry recorder and then I pretend to be the singer myself. I sing the song exactly It was sung by the playback singer. I sometimes succeed and I sometimes fall. Once I feel that I sing perfectly I tape my own voice. When I listen to the recording I am objective and try to find my faults in singing. This helps me to improve my singing and I feel confident and thrilled. Whenever I go to a party, my friends persuade me to dance. Once I begin, the party livens up, people join in and the place is filled with the sound of music.

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I feel proud of myself and my friends also praise me because they feel that I become the life of the party. I listen to music and I sing every day when I go to school or when I have a free time in school. My hobby makes me happy and at least brings joy to my sister and friends. In my opinion, it is necessary that everybody have a hobby. It educates people; they give their pleasure, and help them to use his free time fruitfully. If a person has no hobby, he will turn him free time into something useful? From my point of view, if I were you I would listen to music every day.