Since the early years of mans existence music has always been a medium In which man has been able to express himself. Music Is mostly loved by everybody. When was the last time you have heard someone say, “l hate music. “? Lately though, music has been criticized for corrupting a teenager’s mind. Rap Is being blamed for crimes and murders in cities all over the world and heavy metal is being blamed for giving teens only dark thoughts in their minds.

Although the media and public criticize rap and rock music and blame it for influencing teens negatively, they actually give many teenagers an outlet from their life problems. Recently music has become an excuse for bad parenting. Parents love to blame musicians like Snoop Dog and Mine to bands like system off down and Limp Bikini for their child’s problems. Before accusing musicians perhaps the family background of the person committing the crime should be looked into. Most criminals come from poor, torn, deprived and dysfunctional families.

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When my rends and I hears lyrics from Mine, we do not go out and do what he says. Lyrics from Mine and other similar lyrics are for entertainment only. If people did whatever they heard, then everybody would be evil and corrupted. I hear far worse words and phrases during school than on a rap album, and the words do not affect me or anybody else otherwise everybody in school would run around shooting people and doing drugs. Rappers are blamed constantly for crimes. In 1988, rapper Ice-T was under unnecessary pressure from the media because of a song he wrote called, “Cop Kill”.

Once that song was released several police murderers were reported to having said that they killed the cops because they were Influenced by Ice-It’s song. But Is It Ice-TTS fault for these crimes, or Is It the fault of the person committing these crimes against the police. Having said that, have heard that particular song numerous times, why haven’t I gone and killed a cop? Musician should not be the ones blamed for these crimes. Are they trying to say that before this song was released cops were never killed or murdered? Of course they were!

All cops know their jobs are dangerous, yet they still take the Job. Rap music is a rapidly growing type of music. Rap musicians donate thousands and thousands of dollars to charities all over the world. Rap also gives many young people hope in life. When I listen to rap I find it as an outlet for my excessive energy. I am sure many other teenagers similarly cope with their Issues and problems In life, by letting their mind relax after listening to rap. Music can always help them feel better and this Issue Is portrayed very well In Benjamin Zeppelin’s ‘Gangs Rap’.

Rap musicians, rap about their frustrations In life through their music. So rather than the media complaining about rap lyrics, they should maybe start taking notice about the reflect it. Rock is another type of music that is criticized often by the media. They say that rock bands like Metallic and Limp Bikini give kids negative thoughts and make teens act out in violence. This however is not true. The only way rock influences teenagers is on what they wear. Kids who wear baggy pants, large shirts, and long necklaces with five inch pendants usually listen to rap.

Teens that wear wide leg pants and torn up clothes, usually listen to alternative. Lastly, teenagers who have pierced tongues, blue hair, and wear tight leather pants are most likely to listen to rock. Violence depends on the individual and not Rock music. Large clothes and pierced tongues are only ways to express oneself. It should also be pointed out that before rock music there was a lot of violence. Suicide is a serious subject for today’s youth all over the world and unfortunately teenagers are faced every day with the thought of suicide.

I feel that young rappers and rock stars can relate to the youth better than teachers or even parents through their own experiences expressed by their lyrics which ultimately comforts us teens. Teenagers seek music to ease their problems in life, yet the media and parents believe that rap and rock music is to be blamed for teenager’s problems. Rap is being blamed for the murders and crimes in cities all over the world. Rock is being blamed for giving teens evil thoughts mixed with hate. Rock is all about the soul.

Lyrics from sock music are deeper than any other type of music out today and thus so widespread. Even though rock is produced all the way in America it is still loved by me sitting here in India. This music expresses the world which is today. Music is a universal language, rock and rap is the music of today and that is why it is understood by the youngsters all over the world. On a more personal note (at the risk of sounding pompous) even though I listen to both rock and rap, my mother recently was congratulated by my drama teacher on having a wonderful son like me.