Hip-hop and rap as a whole tend to be lumped together as bad for society, or the dragging down of American culture. The debate on the Influence of music effecting the actions of America’s youth has remained salient for decades. The upcoming genre of ‘Rap’ or ‘Hip-Hop’ in recent years has sparked controversy because of the references to violence and sex portrayed in many song lyrics.

Not only has the Issues of drugs and crime been associated with hip hop, but the diminishing perception of omen in our society has also been attributed to hip hop. It seems that rap is an easy scapegoat for the American population to ‘point the finger at. ‘ Why is Hip-Hop important? No music is more important than the next. As soon as a genre starts portraying Itself as something other than the simple concept of musical notes vibrating off the eardrums of listeners, it loses its focus and main purpose – to entertain. Political messages and social responsibility measures have always been visible in musical lyrics, examples such as R.

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E. M. And 1. 12 as well as countless other ands have done It for years. Hip-Hop has become big business and anything that Is marketable affects society one way or another. Hip-Hop also affects society on many different levels and it is inclusive of all people. The media attention that Hip-Hop gets gives meaning to the fact that people are able to see a side of a particular Hip-Hop artist and then the artist Is then displayed as a more human element. Younger generations must understand the biases and politics Involved with the generalizations of Hip-Hop.

The music we listen to and the videos we watch are Just like reading a fashion magazine. A perfect example is if we see beautiful women in certain clothes then we may want those clothes. When someone sees a Hip-Hop artist or rapper on televisions that Is clearly successful. Actions may be taken to duplicate behavior portrayed by that artist, in turn hoping to emulate success similar to that artist. Why is the Mine song featuring Iranian important? Mine is one of a kind! He is the only white rapper to emerge and remain successful while opening the ears of a deferent audience-?young Caucasian males.

Barriers are broken down when people from different backgrounds can share common interest at shows and n the internet and Mine has done an exceptional Job at doing so. Mine was ranked 79th on the VHF 100 Greatest Artists of All-Time. He was also ranked 82nd on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. He was named the Best Rapper Alive by Vibe magazine in 2008. Mine has achieved nine No. 1 albums on the Billboard Top 200. Mine also has had 13 number one singles 1 org Billboard magazine. Are these credentials not enough for you?

Let’s take a look at Iranian she has achieved eight number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 since first appearing on the chart on June 1 1, 2005. As of July 23, 2010, Iranian has sold approximately 5,563,000 album units in the US alone. She has received several accolades, including the 2007 World Music Awards for World’s Best-selling Pop Female Artist and Female Entertainer of the Year, as well as the 2008 American Music Awards for Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist. She serves as one of Barbados honorary cultural ambassadors.

In January 2010, Iranian received two Grammar Awards for Jay-G’s 2009 single “Run This Town. ” These two celebrities are huge public figures! As for Iranian, she appeals to a different anemographic, the young African American female. With the combination of these two audiences, they amass to a huge portion of the American youth. Influencing the youth of American is monumental to the outcome of the Country as a whole. The youth of America is the backbone of our Nation. In theory, the influence we have on our youth can be set as a precursor for generations to come.

The decisions made by the youth in any country will ultimately unravel actions and future ideas yet to come. For my analysis, I will examine possible subliminal messages and interpretations of Mine ND Airman’s song, “Love the Way You Lie,” specifically directed to the youth of America. I will show how this song is not solely comprised of vocals, lyrics and a music video, but a rhetorical action. The rhetoric involved perpetuates the desired symbolism and themes to reconstruct public opinion influencing the youth of America.

By analyzing the lyrics and music video, I will reveal the connection between the subliminal messages and possible interpretations present in the artifact and their influence on the youth of America. Description of the Artifact The artifact I have chosen to depict is Mine and Airman’s “Love the Way You Lie. ” This is a very popular song racking up 338,000 downloads online in its first week. The music video of the song became an online phenomenon, gaining 6. 6 million hits in its first 24 hours on VIVO, and 18 million views in five days.

It broke a Youth record for having the most views in 24 hours. By November 2010, the video had received over 200 million views. Mine and Airman’s song “Love the Way You Lie” depict the relationship of a troubled young couple. This video produced by Joseph Kahn portrays the ups and downs that some couples must endure to make their relationship work. Dominic Monogram and Megan Fox portray the relationship of a young couple in the song’s music video. The music video starts with the young couple sleeping together in bed.

From that point on, Megan Fox notices a phone number on her significant others hand. The idea that she is being taken advantage of enters her mind. That notion sparks controversy and the couple begins to fight. The scene becomes heated and even reaches the point where the couple physical assault and spit in the faces of one another. Both parties in the couple become easily agitated with one another as they continue to assault and randomly hook up and aka out. Both the Dominic Monogram and Megan Fox are seen alone pondering as if they are deciding what to do or what will become of their relationship.

Megan Fox expresses her emotions by crying to herself, on the other hand Dominic Monogram is seen drinking in the bar to vent the way he feels in regards to his current situation. Dominic Monogram is seen giving Megan Fox a stuffed animal that represents his love for her and shows that he continues to care about her. Dominic Monogram blatantly steals a bottle of vodka from a liquor store. They are seen getting along on top of a building as they consume vodka together. Alcohol is helping the couple temporary fix their irritations of each other, yet they have much bigger problems.

Dominic Monogram is seen taking his aggression out in the bar as he physically attacks other bystander attempting to communicate with Megan Fox. The couple is then seen gazing into each other’s eyes, smiling but unsure of what to do. Megan Fox is then seen walking out of the house resembling her leaving Dominic Monogram. As the video continues Dominic Monogram is seen physically assaulting Megan Fox yet again. The house is set in flames in the backdrop; this resembles the previous chaos ND end of their relationship.

Fire burns everything, bringing nothing but physical ruin. On the other hand, with the end of one good thing starts the beginning of another. In theory the fire could possibly represent a complex symbol for warmth and comfort. In fact it could resemble new life. The stuffed animal that Dominic Monogram gave Megan Fox is even seen set aflame as the couple goes their separate ways. The video ends with the couple lying in bed in the same exact spot where the video started, as if the whole thing were a dream.

The context of the artifact is located within social arrangements. This popular song and music video is a form of entertainment. The song is used to target a specific social niche in order to generate revenue and become a success within its boundaries. If this song did not appeal to any social networks then it would not serve its purpose of selling CDC to generate revenue and publicize the artists. The fact that two celebrities (Mine & Iranian) have collaborated together helps them reach out to publicize themselves as well as combine their social networks together.

The artifact is not used within political means or economic arrangements. This is a great artifact to analyze because symbolic convergence is blatantly evident and people can easily share similar fantasy themes that create rhetorical visions. “Love The Way You Lie” constitutes evidence of symbolic convergence theory because it incorporates themes the rhetoric knows will resonate with the audience. Another reason why this is a great artifact to evaluate is because of the popularity and controversy of this song.

Millions of people hear this song each and every day and have not even thought about evaluating it in terms of rhetorical theories and criticisms. Theoretical and Methodological Framework Fantasy theme analysis is based upon the theory of symbolic convergence, which has two major assumptions: (1) reality is created through communication and (2) individual interpretations of symbols can converge and create a shared reality for those involved (Foss, 2009). This happens in a social context in which individual worlds and interpretations converge, resulting in a shared reality for those involved.

Sonata K. Foss (1996) in her textbook, Rhetorical Criticism: Exploration and Practice, “If several or many people develop portions of their quotes Barman as stating: riveter symbolic worlds that overlap as a result of symbolic convergence, they share a common consciousness and have the basis for communicating with one another to understanding. Symbolic convergence occurs when individuals have Jointly experienced mutual interpretations with similar emotional responses. ” Although the message in these encounters is important, the act of sharing the message is the critical issue in these incidents.

The basic unit of analysis of symbolic convergence is the fantasy theme. The fantasy is defined as a creative and imaginative interpretation of an event that makes it credible or believable to the artificial, or rather the means through which interpretation is accomplished in communication. Barman (1972) states in his article “Fantasy and Rhetorical Vision: The Rhetorical Criticism of Social Reality” that participants in a fantasy theme are interested in the personal satisfaction found and are not troubled by contradictory details or evidence that might exist within the communication.

As the participants participate in the story, similar emotions and interpretations will be present among the members of the group. The fantasy theme then becomes the group’s experience ND results in a shared reality for the participants (Griffin 1997). There are three types of fantasy themes included in Barman’s theory: (1) setting themes, which name the scene of an action, (2) character themes which describe agents or actors in the drama, assign motives to them and portray them as having certain characteristics, and (3) action themes which are the plot lines in which the characters engage. Foss, 1996) The next level in analysis is observing fantasy types within a community. A fantasy type is a repeated fantasy theme that includes similar scenes, characters, and plots that are shared by the members of a community. Griffin (1997) observes that most fantasies do not chain out but rather fall on deaf ears, but that chaining out occurs when people catch on to a fantasy theme and then continue to spread the theme which then feeds into the overall rhetorical vision or a unified putting together of various shared fantasies.

When a fantasy type is developed the rhetoric involved are able to give a general story and the audience is able to fill in the details of the entire scenario. Included in the rhetorical vision of a community one will find fantasy themes which share the values, practices, heroes, and villains within he rhetorical group. Actions that make little sense to someone outside the rhetorical vision make perfect sense within the context of the group involved (Griffin 1997).

Fantasy theme method suggests that the individual and collective transmutations of a group’s goals, scope, and activities–the group’s conceptualized reality, or fantasy theme–can be used to study social movements. Based on the notion of fantasizing in small groups, this analytic approach provides a method of discovering how communication creates social realities for groups of people (Foss, 1997). Fantasy theme analysis, as Barman (1972) structured it, provides unique insight into the mentality and worldview of social groups.

Foss (2004) summarizes the theory of symbolic convergence as a reference to the way narratives invite audiences to identify with the characters by using commonly established themes that the audience will immediately respond to as a cue to aid understanding. Barman designed this method to help explain how common symbols and values are developed through group communication. Fantasy theme criticism consists of four steps: 1 . Select an artifact 2. Analyzing the artifact 3. Formulating a research question 4. Writing the essay Analyzing the artifact consists of two steps: 1 .

Coding the artifact for setting, characters, and action themes 2. Constructing the rhetorical visions from the fantasy theme a. Theme-?patterns b. Major and Minor-?Frequency and Intensity Coding consists of settings, characters, actions, and character theme codes. I will analyze the three main fantasy themes used in the song: violence, drugs/ alcohol and deception. These three powerful pieces of the song all show different ways that American’s youth can be influenced purely through a rhetorical framing of issues. At one point or another, these themes will have to be dealt with in the life process of today’s youth.

Analyzing how these themes function within the song will illustrate certain subliminal messages and influential factors that affect America’s youth. I will follow three of Barman’s steps to complete my analysis. During fantasy theme analysis I must look for patterns within the song-?based on frequency and intensity. Symbolic convergence frames the theory that communication creates reality. As for reality, it is not only created for individuals but also groups; sharing hat sense of reality. The first step is to situate the song within the network of America’s youth.

The second step is to examine the song for evidence of symbolic convergence and the fantasy themes used to perpetuate the subliminal messages and possible interpretations that remain transparent. The final step is to present the rhetorical vision America’s youth can create and be influenced by. These steps will complete my analysis of Mine and Airman’s “Love The Way You Lie” in order to further understand how America’s youth is being influenced by hip hop culture in today’s society. Analysis Descriptive Analysis Descriptive analyses involve direct observation of behavior and environmental events in naturalistic contexts.

Research in descriptive analysis has focused on a variety of areas including descriptions of naturalistic observations of behavior and environmental events, integration of descriptive and functional analyses, comparisons of outcomes from descriptive and functional analysis, and quantitative analyses of behavior and environmental events (Slogan 2010). Using Campbell seven elements of rhetorical action I will delve into the descriptive analysis. The purpose, or central idea of “Love The Way You Lie” is to relate to potential listeners in an attempt to sell CDC and promote their music.

One of the main goals of the song is of his/her music. Mine wants us to believe that creating violence in his song and music video is acceptable and/or ‘cool. ‘ One lyric that represents this statement reads: “… It’s a steel knife in my wind pipe I can’t breathe but I still fight while I can fight. ” The target audiences that Mine and Iranian are reaching out to are limited to none. Anyone that can listen and enjoy music is a target audience. On the other hand, those affected by the vulgar lyrics are none other than America’s youth! One aspect of growing up is finding out who you really are and what you like to do.

At the ages of 13-18 1 feel like you are more prone to adopt values and ideas that you see in the everyday media. Prospective audience members or listeners are asked to adopt these violent actions into their lifestyles. Mine is personified in the song as a dead beat cheating boyfriend that has nothing going for him. Why would anyone want to adopt that persona? The tone of the song is depressing. The lyrics are aromatic and loaded with violent verbiage and deceitful actions. Amine’s attitude towards the audience is somewhat as a peer and a superior.

Mine is viewed as a peer because he is trying to relate his music to the audience without turning them off or leaving anyone out. At the same thing, Mine is seen as authoritative because he hints to the audience that what he saying he has already done before. An example of Amine’s authoritative behavior in his lyrics would be: “l can’t tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like” in this he is already stating that he has performed these actions. The structure of the song dwells on relationships people have with one another.

Mine gains attention by introducing his perspective and by the use of vivid figurative analogies. Mine tries to create a shared reality with the audience by use of similar past relationships. If one person has had a rough relationship in the past, they will automatically become more susceptible to liking the song and its contents. The song is also chronologically structured, starting with the young couple in the bed, and develops as they fight over time. Mine himself is supporting materials for the themes he portrays in his song. He is notorious for his rough divorce with ex-wife Kimberly Matters.

Iranian is also known for her tragic experience with abusive boyfriend Chris Brown. Strategies used to capture listeners include a catchy chorus as well as clever bold lyrics. Mine alludes to a previously dramatic relationship when he states: “I’m superman with the wind at his back, she’s Lois Lane. ” This strategy is set up so that anyone who previously watched superman can easily create a shared reality and relate to the song. Critical Analysis In following three of Barman’s steps to complete my analysis, many patterns of rugs/alcohol, violence and deception are drawn throughout the song.

Symbolic convergence frames the theory that communication creates reality. The reality Mine creates through his lyrics and seen in the music video is a perception for America’s youth to view. One filled with alcohol abuse, drugs, violence and lies. The song is already situated within the media network of America’s youth. Subliminal messages perpetuated here include those of alcohol abuse, lies and deceit and acts of violence been seen as acceptable. My rhetorical vision states that people do not deed to lie, consume drugs or alcohol or be violent towards one another in order to be successful.

Mine & Airman’s “Love the Way You Lie” contains three fantasy categorized as drugs/alcohol, violence and deception. As I immersed myself and scored through the lyrics of the song, some of the single worded (action themes) that helped me select these fantasy themes include: burn, cry, lie, fight, high, drunk, huffing’ paint, suffer, suffocate, hate, running, insane, laid hands, stoop, barley breathe, hit me, sick, spit me, throw me down, rage, separate ways, broken records, leave, fall ace, temper, blinded, crazy, poised, fist, apologize, liar and set this house on fire.

As for the music video, certain actions took place to help me narrow down my fantasy themes. These actions include: fighting, spitting in face, walking out, punch, drinking alcohol, stealing, yelling, shaking, hitting and burning. Setting themes include the house in the music video, the liquor store and the bar. Characters involved are Dominic Monogram and Megan Fox’s character as well as Iranian and Mine referencing “l” and muff” throughout the lyrics. Violence In terms of violence, the vulgarity of the lyrics emulate to America’s youth that hose specific actions and words are acceptable.

It is not necessary for 13 year old children to hear lyrics like “I’m a tie her to the bed and set this house on fire. ” I feel that having a strong family background is crucial for children in terms of being raised more level headed but statements like that are Just unnecessary. The intensity of the violence in the music video is harsh. At one point in the video Megan Fox spits in Dominic Monogram’s face. Again, this is not acceptable behavior and should not be exemplified. Professional athletes are fined thousands of dollars for spitting in an opponent’s face but this music video makes it seem like it’s a regular occurrence.

The frequencies of violent words in the lyrics are very high as well as intense. There are multiple clips in the music video where the couple physically assaults one another. The more America’s youth sees this behavior as acceptable, the more likely it will be duplicated. Drugs & Alcohol Amine’s reference to drugs and alcohol is salient in the lyrics as well as the music video. In the music video Dominic Monogram goes as far as to steal a bottle of liquor from the store; shortly after he is seen rekindling his relationship with Megan Fox.

This chain of events makes it seem like alcohol is the remedy for life’s problems. I only wish this was true! Fortunately Vie reached an age where I can decipher good and bad choices when a problem arises, as for 14 year olds, not so much. The music video is creating a reality in America’s youth that depicts the consumption and abuse of alcohol as acceptable. Recent test results support the predictions that the relationship between media exposure and alcohol use was mediated by peer norms and positive expectancies and that the relationship was partially moderated by language preference Among & Yecch, 2010).

Other references in Amine’s lyrics relate to inhaling household products which is terrible for the overall health human body. The lyrics read “High off her love, drunk from my hate, it’s like I’m huffing’ paint. ” Deception The song references to lying nine times before coming to an end. With the song being approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds long, that means on average they are referencing to lying every 30 seconds. That’s a lot of lying! The devious behavior Dominic Monogram’s character partakes in by having a random phone number written on his hand should not be idealized on how to act in any relationship.

This The fact that Dominic Monogram was out hitting on girls makes other women question if their significant other is doing the same exact thing. Not only does it make women appear insecure about their relationship, but makes males seem like a distrustful partner. People should not strive for these feelings or negative attributes but they are being castes on upon the youth of America. Implications, Discussion, and Limitations Young adulthood is a very important time in someone’s life. Decisions are made that can benefit or destroy the rest of that person’s life.

Why would we want the jawbone of America to be exposed to violence, drugs and alcohol? I don’t know. As many others have said in the past, communication creates reality. This Mine and Iranian song communicates a fictional reality to the youth of America. It baffles me that a child could simply turn on the television and be exposed to the violence portrayed in this video. One limitation I encountered was that I only had 13 weeks to research the song, fantasy theme criticism, symbolic convergence theory and write the paper. The fact that I only had 13 weeks to write the paper gave me limited access to information on he topic.

Another limitation I encountered was the use of only one rhetorical methodology. I understand that there is a part II of the song and would like to have the time to research that as well. I believe Fantasy theme is a great method for researching this song. On the overhand if I were to do it over again I would probably choose narrative criticism. There are serious social implications that may come about due to the content of this song. Implications for shoplifting, underage drinking and drug use are bound by imprisonment in the United States. I for sure wouldn’t want y child to be viewing this video on television.