Money is often an issue for teens so they turn to committing crimes to obtain the things they see rapper wearing. In “The Music of Violence” by John Lingua , it says, “many law-enforcement agents say the rap scene stokes gang life, gunplay and bloodletting. ” The article also says that “the makers of the videos and the music insist culture doesn’t cause crime, It only documents It. ” Rap music and videos became popular in the ass’s, and as history has shown violence was running rampant way before rap hit the scene. In today’s society gangs are almost the norm.

Low income families sometimes rely on the income that is created by gang violence in order to survive. It is a misconception that young people look up or condone the behavior on rap videos, when really it’s that they relate to It. In Brent Staples article “The Hip-Hop Media” he states that female rapper “I-II Kim” went to Jail for not cooperating with the police. When asked about an incident Involving members of her record label All Kim, according to “The Hip-Hop Media, “misremembered” the events of shootout that took happened at the popular radio station Hot 97 .

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On the streets not snitching is like an unspoken code. It is not necessarily admiration these teenagers feel, but maybe a sense of being able to relate. Rap music is taking the blame for everything. In the article “Study Raps Rap Vided’ It says that young girls try to emulate what they see on rap videos. Fashion magazines ,TV, and movies have Just as much of a negative affect on young girls as rap music. Many girls today are harming their selves in order to look like the celebrities. The images that Brittany Spears, Lindsey Loan, and Paris Hilton portray are Just as harmful as the lyrics in some rap songs.

In the song “Ignorant Sit” by paper Jay Z he raps “Surface the movie did more than Surface the rapper to me. Still that mint the blame for all the sit that happened to me . Are you say what I’m spitting, Is worse than these celebrants showing their kitten, are you kidding? Let’s stop the bulletin till we all without sin, let’s quit the pulpit-Ins. ” If we are going to hold one form of entertainment responsible for our youth’s actions and values we should hold them all responsible. The Capital Journal article “Hip-Hops Rap Sheet” hit the nail on the head by saying “rap is a scapegoat for a bigger problem.

There are many different kinds of rap music. Some of it is not meant for the immature mind, It is the parent’s responsibility to determine the maturity level of today’s to covet what they see. If rap videos and violent games are all teenagers see, that becomes the role model. With guidance teenagers will distinguish what is reality and what is parameterized for entertainment value. When raising children parents have a responsibility to plant the seed, water the seed, and nurture that seed until it has matured.

If good morals and values are instilled in teenagers by the parents rap sic can have the value it is meant to have, entertainment. Belgrade, Squeamish. “Youth Violence” Regencies. Com. 15 Par. 2008. In this article the author Squeamish Belgrade, Jar. Is states that the term “black on black violence,” has been change by the media to a more generic term “youth violence. ” as a “new approach toward old problem, rather than blaming wayward marginalia communities. He is saying in layman’s terms he is saying that this problem has spread from the urban common unities to the suburban communities.

Carter, Shawn. “Ignorant SSH*T. ” By Jay Z. Race. Novo. 2007. Ignorant SSH*T. Deaf Jam Recordings, November 2007. This song is talking about people hating Lousy) on Jay Z because of his popularity and success. It also tells how the media says that rap music has a negative affect on the youth. Jay Z states that some movies had more of an affect on him than some rap songs. Also how celebrates do negative things and the media glorifies it Dotting, Randy “Study Raps Rap Videos. ” Healthful News Reporter. 6 Mar. 2006. 25 Par. 008. This articles talks about how Rap music has a negative affect on teenage girls. It tells that girls who watch a high percent of rap videos are ore likely to get in trouble and to contract Stud’s than girls who watch little or no rap videos. “Hip-Hops Rap Sheet. ” Capital Journal Online. 24 Jan. 2008. 25 Par. 2008 . This editorial is talking about condemning Gangster Rap. It also talks on that may rap music is a scapegoat for a bigger problem in society. How prohibiting Rap music it may create a bigger problem.

This editorial hit home because it is written in a newspaper that is close to home, Topeka. Hopkins, Joe C. “Gangster Rap. ” Pasadena Journal. 31 Cot. 2003. 15 Par. 2008. The editorial is talking about “Black on Black” crime. How the US was so upset when a white police officer slammed a young black man on the hood of a car, no one gets upset with the daily killings in the big cities of young black men by other black men. It also talks about how some rapper promote their image as thugs or pimps. Lingua, John. “The Music of violence. ” palmetto’s. Mom. 11 June 2007. 23 Par. 2008 . This article talks about how rap videos that are shot in neighborhoods has a negative affect on that neighborhood. How shooting in low income communities only fed in to the stereotype about urban street violence. Micrometer, John H. “How Hip- Hop Hold Blacks Back. ” City Journal. 10 June 2003. 25 Par. 2008. This editorial is manly about how Rap evolved from fun loving dance music to gangster music. It also talks about how black teenagers, mostly male, live their live according to the lyrics in rap music.

Reed, William. “Rap, Records, Revenues, and Refrain. ” The Washington Informer. 3 May 207. 15 Par. 2008. This editorial is about how more than a decade after C. Dolores Tucker complained about the offence language in rap music the language is still there. In this article the controversy is weather rap music is part of the First Amendment. Staples, Brent. “The Hip-Hop Media- a World Where Really addressing the imprisonment of the rapper “Ill Kim” for “misremembering” fact surrounding a case involving members of her rap label.

The article does not say that rap music causes violence among teenagers it talk more about one rapper in particular, “Ill Kim” Staples, Brent. “How Hip Hop Music Lost. ” New York Mimes. 12 May 2005. 25 Par. 2008. This article talks about how the rap music is not only causing violence among teenagers, but that rappers themselves are dying because of so called beefing. Beefing is when two rappers or rap group make song that speak actively about another rapper ore group.