“Rap Takes a Bum Rap” is to convey the positive message of rap songs in this society. As Herschel mentioned, this music has been the blame for almost every problem that’s been happening around us throughout the years. However, like any other form of entertainment, this is an art of expressing of oneself. Guru, a rapper, says “Rap is musical, cultural, expression based on reality. ” For people who creates this type of music, It’s something they draw from within and their experiences.

Indeed, it’s foundation Is based In creativity and Innovation. As It became popular, it separately formed Into “gangs rap” and hip hop. Although both represent different style and message, still the positive Influence It brings Is what truly matters. There are also rap artists such as the Delegable Planets, and the Approached that tell stones In their music In a way It gives optimism and hopeful messages to the listeners. On the other hand, there are still rap music that Is said to be violent and riotous. They say that these kids look up to them as their role model.

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The truth Is, It has existed In the streets before the rap had begun. The Judgment toward the violence of rap music is overrated, not even giving too much attention to other forms of violence in cinema and televisions. For instance, the violent scene in Reservoir Dogs movie where it shows a cop is being tortured. Still, some people think it’s an acceptable form of violence that rides the audience’s emotions. In contrast to the rap artist that has a song titled as “cop killer” where he was forced arrest to remove the song from the album.

Furthermore, looking at the bigger picture, both have nothing to differ at all. Both have demonstrated some act of aggression, but still rap music receives more unreasonable Judgment. Rap music is the reflection of the real life. It is said to be violent because it portrays the struggle in the inner cities. It tells a story that deserves some attention. As well as, some kind of release of emotions of the artists. If we started listening without any mix of misjudgment, we started learning to appreciate the song behind the violence.