Since rap music became a musical genre it has been known for its violence, offensive, language and its drug and gang references. These things have become more prevalent in this present day and age, especially in California. However, though these issues are often brought up in rap music it does not necessarily mean we should blame the various rap artists, their lyrics, and the music Itself for street and gang violence.

Rap music is a genre of music that depicts a large amount of violence ND street warfare, but when it comes down to the true reason behind the constant brutality on the streets of Los Angels and elsewhere, only the people behind the violent actions can be blamed. A perfect example Is Mine: a white rapper who got blamed for corrupting America’s Caucasian youth. This, however, Is unfair – his lyrics have been created from his personal experiences and beliefs. The Intelligent youth of America should be able to understand that the lyrics mean nothing but what he personally thinks and believes as a person.

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They were created In moments of his life where he felt as though he could do nothing but turn to his music. At the same token these young people don’t necessarily have to listen to the music in the first place. Though street violence is much more common today than it once was it is much more realistic to blame the setting, upbringing, and environment of the people involved in these acts than to blame hardcore music which is unlikely to be the cause of the violent or hostile way they think.