Music has a strong impact on the media as well. There are so many different types of music, effecting different cultures, religions, households, and personalities. A lot of cultures are affected In different ways, but the African American culture Is affected more than any other culture. Music has a much more negative effect on the African American society. There are many music genres, let’s talk about rap. Rap music is defined as “a form of rhythmic speaking in rhyme, usually from its culture. Rap is a combination of rhyming and poetry to a musical beat.

Rap is a kind of music in the hip-hop culture. Hip-hop and rap differ in three main features; musical attributes, culture and community message. Rap is a mix of poetry or poetic lyric, beats and their rhyming. The subject of rap can vary from relationships to mainstream media. Rappers Like to make references to love, sex, violence, socio-political issues, crime, race and anything that depicts their street life. Rap can have a very positive message, but other times it can have a really negative sausage.

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Fortunately the only negative thing about rap is the words the used, and the message that is portrayed. Such as the really cruel names they call individuals, or the message they set for young women. For example, In order to be beautiful you have to be half naked. Rappers tend to tell their fans that It’s okay to call all young ladles, sexually explicit names. Realistically ;RSI not okay and It’s not true. It makes young women who have a low self esteem and women who may not have a mom or dad feel worse.

Then their going to think its okay for a boy or man to disrespect her, given the fact that all “the cool” rappers call girls those names. It makes young ladies, have a lack of self respect, and a loss of self worth. Not only does it affect our young ladies, it also affects our young men. It affects a lot of the young men who don’t have a father figure who sets a positive example. Forcing them to look up to the very famous rappers who made it out the “hood’. Making our future citizens, have a lack of respect.

I’m sure other cultures listen to rap, I’m sure rap doesn’t only affect the African American culture. It has a very big impact on a lot of other cultures. Rappers and hip-hop music have been getting a bad rap. This music is no different from the many other forms of expression used by Blacks of a deferent generation. When you look back at difference centuries you notice music represent how the times where to rappers doing something positive not dealing crack, producing quality work. It also is showing kids there is a way out showing kids that the can have the cars and mansion.

After two decades of ridicule and criticism, rap music has emerged as the voice of today’s black youth while also transforming the culture of America . Conclusion. All music can be an incredible tool for expression. Rap music is as good for those who can get with it, as classical music is for those who are deeply moved by it. The music you listen to is part of the media present in your life, all of which has some influence on you. What that influence is depends on how you think through the messages you’re presented and what Judgments you make about them.