People that do not listen to rap music should realize that rap music carries out positive meanings for society to recognize. People can take rap as too loud or annoying, or people think, “Why do these rap artists have to cuss so much? ” Yes, rap music will talk about sex, drugs, and degrading women. I believe that true rap music serves Its purpose by sharing life stories and confronting harsh realities. There Is a rap song called “Mockingbird” by Mine, and It Is about Mine telling his daughter that he will always be there for her even though he Is thousands of miles way.

Critics of “Mockingbird” said the lyrics of the songs were a heart-warming sensation and addresses to a lot of people who are without a member of their family. With Mine and his success, he Is not Just famous for the style he presents, but the messages he carries out and the realties there are In life. “Along with the widespread drug use… Many artists simply left these tough Issues alone, but Tuba gravitated toward the controversy. “(Seth Campbell, Opinion) Rap music Is straightforward, and people should not take that for granted.

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If there were only more rappers like Mine and Tuba, and all the new rappers coming into Hollywood would aim as high as those rappers did… The world would be a little bit better of a place. If people focus on the rappers who do nothing but cuss and degrade women, then those are the people that look for nothing but the worst in society. Rap music symbolizes that out of every unfortunate income of life, there is always a message; perhaps a legacy, like Tuba, to be born and presented to a number of generations and generations to come.